10 Fun Money Apps for Kids

By Ashley Marcin on 4 March 2016 0 comments

Think personal finance is an adults-only matter? Think again. You can start teaching your child smart money habits from a very young age. Whether you use points or dollars, the concepts will surely sink in if a little fun is involved. Here are 10 apps that will teach your kids about money — all while letting them play on their favorite devices.

1. Savings Spree

Cost: $5.99 on iTunes

Ages: 7 and up

Rating: 4+ stars

Savings Spree doesn't just teach your kid how to count nickels and dimes. Instead, it focuses on how different lifestyle choices in the everyday can add up to either big savings or big expenses. Your child can earn, spend, donate, or invest "money" in a variety of scenarios, which are presented in a game show format for added interest. Along with teaching the basics, this app will even present your little one with the harsh reality of those unexpected expenses that necessitate an emergency fund. Important lesson, indeed!

2. P2K Money

Cost: Free on iTunes

Rating: 4+ stars

P2K Money is all about teaching your child the value and responsibility of money — plain and simple. You can engage in the learning process together using tools for budgeting, spending, and savings of your kid's earnings, like an allowance. They can even create wish lists to save for the items they want to buy. And what's especially cool is that the app will save those wish lists so your little guy or gal can evaluate if those items were actually worth the expense.

3. Bee Farming

Cost: $1.99 on iTunes

Rating: 4+ stars

Bee Farming gives your child the opportunity to start his or her own virtual business with a swarm of bees and just $100. Each week, the bees can go to work in the forest collecting honey that your child will "sell" in a market to earn more bees or other supplies. This is such a fun game, even adults play it and compete to earn a spot on the Top Farmers Board. What a great way to give your kid the basics on business, hard work, and managing expenses.

4. PiggyBot

Cost: Free on iTunes

Ages: 6 to 8 years old

Rating: 4+ stars

Even young kids with an allowance can jump in on PiggyBot to collect a virtual allowance. This tool will help your child visualize his or her allowance and categorize it into what areas they'll spend, share, and save. This app also motivates kids to pick savings goals and gives them useful information for how much money they need to save and how long it will take them to save it.

5. The Game of Life

Cost: $0.99 on iTunes and Google Play

Rating: 4+ stars

Want to really disguise the financial learning experience? Try The Game of Life app, which is an electronic version of the favorite board game. Throughout play, your child will be encountered with a number of decisions that have them choosing between wise or risky investments. Players even have the chance to earn Wealth Cards that can stack up to $1,000,000. Plus, you can play with up to six friends, which makes it a great activity for the whole family.

6. Flocabulary

Cost: $12/month or $96/year

Ages: 11 to 18

Flocabulary takes on yet a different approach for older kids, with catchy songs, rap battles, and videos about financial literacy (plus many more subjects and life skills). The topics range from paying for college to budgeting to credit cards to goal setting, and beyond. Since the cost for this service is somewhat steep compared to the other apps on this list, you may want to check with your local school district to see if it's available to your child through school. You can also get free trial to check it out for 14 days.

7. Save! The Game

Cost: Free on iTunes

Rating: 4+ stars

The object in Save! The Game is to collect as much virtual money as possible and put it in the bank. Along the way, your child will need to avoid "iWannas" — you know, impulse buys like soda, toys, candy, and more. One reviewer downloaded this game before a long car trip and said that after playing, his kids engaged in a great discussion about avoiding "iWannas" in life, not just on the screen.

8. Bankaroo

Cost: Free on iTunes

Rating: 4+ stars

Bankaroo is another great allowance-tracking app that is also unique because offers different currencies. In fact, you can track funds using U.S. Dollars, Euros, hearts, stars, points, and more. In other words: Even the youngest kids can start to learn money concepts. This app was created by an 11-year-old girl who was looking for a way to keep track of her own allowance and thought other kids might want to do the same. The graphics are cute, and you can keep track of multiple accounts if you have multiple children.

9. Coin Math

Cost: $1.99 on iTunes

Ages: 9 to 11*

Rating: 4+ stars

What ever happened to old fashioned dollars and coins? They're definitely still around. With Coin Math, your child can learn to identify and count coins, as well as how to pay and make change. Though this app is rated for slightly older kids, many reviewers share that their little ones as young as five years old enjoyed playing with the game.

10. FamZoo Family Finance

Cost: Free on iTunes

Ages: 4 and up

Rating: 4+ stars

Give your child a headstart to understanding money, budgeting, and saving with FamZoo. This app can be used by your entire family — even preschoolers — to manage allowances, track chores, handle reimbursements, and more. How does it work? Each member of your family is issued a card that is linked together in the app. In the "Family Bank," the parents serve as the bankers while the kids are the customers. Then you get to tracking your everyday financial flow (even experiment with setting up automated tasks). You can also choose the IOU option if you'd rather track your money elsewhere. No matter how you do it, you'll be learning the rules of money together.

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