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By Will Chen on 15 April 2007 (Updated 18 August 2011) 1 comment

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Fidelity.com is offering its registered visitors 35% off TurboTax online. Registration is free. Just click on the link "visitors" on the bottom left-hand corner. Fidelity doesn't ask you to verify your personal information nor does it verify your email address. If you're already a registered user, go here for the TurboTax discount.

At this discount level, the Deluxe edition is $32.45, the Premiere Investments edition is $48.70, and the Home and Business edition is $64.95.

All three major credit cards are also offering their users discounts for Turbo Tax online services:

American Express - Offering 25% off

Master Card - Offering 20% off

Visa - Offering 15% off

All 3 deals expire October 15th. No promotion code or registration is required. Your discount will be applied at checkout.

Why the different promotions? I have no idea.

A bit of warning. If you know which deal you are going to go for (choice is obvious), don't click on the other two deals. If you click on all three links there might be some weird cookie issues that will confuse Turbo Tax and you might not get the right coupon.

There are better deals out there

If you are not in a hurry to meet the April 17th deadline, you can get much better deals by ordering the software from a vendor. Here's a list of the best non-online TurboTax deals.

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Even better... If you are a State Farm customer, you can file with TurboTax for free! Just log in to your account, and you'll see the TurboTax link on the left side. I just used this a couple days ago.