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by Greg Go on 4 December 2006 3 comments

Today I've got a big helping of podcast goodness coming your way. With 40 episodes on the air and more on the way, Scott at Money Blogger Podcast is the place to get interviews of popular personal finance bloggers. You can listen to the interviews directly from the site or download them to your podcaster.

There's gold in each interview. Here's a chance to hear from the bloggers you usually read.

The one gripe I have is the blinding lime green redesign. (Sorry Scott.)

For easy scanning and bookmarking, here's the complete list of podcasts. The links go to the post of the interview. In addition to the audio, there are liks to sites mentioned in the interview.

  1. Jonathan of My Money Blog
  2. Dawn of Frugal for Life
  3. Flexo of Consumerism Commentary
  4. Cap of Stop Buying Crap
  5. Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
  6. John of Mighty Bargain Hunter
  7. NCN of No Credit Needed
  8. Madame X of My Open Wallet
  9. JLP of All Things Financial
  10. Jane Dough of Boston Gal's Open Wallet
  11. Seattle Simplicity
  12. Bluebird of Hedonic Adjustment
  13. Noah of OK Dork
  14. John and Jane of Our Money Matters
  15. Claire of Tired but Happy
  16. Caitlin of Clutter2Cash
  17. Him and Her of Make Love Not Debt
  18. Finance Junkie of Plugged In Finance
  19. Cecilia of City Girl's Financial Blog
  20. Amanda from Young & Broke
  21. That Ede Guy from A Penny Saved...
  22. Father's Day Interview with Scott
  23. Tricia from Blogging Away Debt
  24. Jeffrey from SavingAdvice
  25. LAMoneyGuy from It's Just Money
  26. Nina from QueerCents
  27. Ben Jones of the Housing Bubble Blog
  28. Ramit Sethi of IWillTeachYouToBeRich
  29. Nick of Punny Money
  30. Penny Nickel of Money and Values
  31. Kira from Penny Foolish
  32. Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist
  33. Max of How To Be Poor
  34. Financial Freedumb
  35. JD from Get Rich Slowly
  36. Judith Levine, author of Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping
  37. Simplicity in Kansas
  38. 2Million of 2millionblog.com
  39. Mapgirl of Mapgirl's Fiscal Challege
  40. Sharon of Frugal Duchess

Phew! That's some list!

Who else do you guys listen to? Tell me your favorite personal finance podcasts.

PS: Bookmark this post. We'll be updating this page whenever Scott does another podcast interview at Money Blogger Podcast.

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Will Chen's picture

"The one gripe I have is the blinding lime green redesign." Hey, I have a shirt that color!

Andrea Karim's picture

AWESOME. A belated thank you for posting this. I'm going to do some research tomorrow on these folks.

Guest's picture

The link to Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity interview is broken