The 5 Most Money-Savvy Rap Stars

Jay-Z is one of 5 money savvy rap stars

"Mo money, mo problems" — unless you're smart about it. You may not have their millions, but you can take a lesson from rap's sharpest money moguls.

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10 Barbecue Hacks to Master This Summer

Grilling meat and other barbecue hacks to master this summer

You'll reach Grillmaster status with these simple tricks for healthier, tastier, and easier barbecuing this summer. Get outside and cook!

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Rutgers is Giving Away $1500 to Wise Bread Readers!

rutgers giveaway

Don't miss your chance to win your share of $1500 in prizes from Rutgers!

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Start Investing Today: Acorns Lets You Invest Your Change While You Sh...

What if you were able to automatically invest some money, every day, in small stress-free amounts? Could investing be that simple? Yep. Just sign up for Acorns.

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Eat Less Sugar With These 10 Simple Tricks

Woman eating less sugar with simple tricks

Cutting back on the sweet stuff isn't easy — but it's definitely worth it. Be sweeter to your health with some simple ways to go sugar-free.

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