5 Things to Remember Every Time You Face a Financial Failure

Woman remembering things after a financial failure

Everybody falls down, even when it comes to their money. The key to success is getting back up again.

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9 No-Fuss Plants That Will Brighten Your Home Until Spring

Woman getting no-fuss plants to brighten her home

When the winter days are short and dreary, glance over at your blooming indoor plants to improve your mood.

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes Newbies Make With Their First Credit Cards

Woman making mistakes with her first credit cards

Getting your first credit card allows you to enter the financial mainstream. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes that can cost you.

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5 Sales Strategies Your Bank Uses to Make Money

Woman learning sales strategies her bank is using

Banks are businesses, too. Keep an eye out for these sales tactics that might be costing you money

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6 Money Lessons From African-American Leaders

Learning money lessons from African American leaders

From TED talks to the blues, these African American leaders have imparted their financial wisdom on the world.

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