A $12 champagne that's toast of the party: Krait Prestige

by Will Chen on 31 December 2006 comments


Can’t afford Dom Pérignon or Cristal for your New Year’s party? When in doubt (or broke), be creative!

Introducing Krait Prestige Champagne Lager – the beer that bubbles doubles as a champagne.

$12 is expensive for a bottle of beer, but it is cheap for a bottle of champagne. When you bring Krait Prestige to a party, it will become an instant conversation piece.

Instead of being the guy who brought cheap liquor, you are now Mr. Cutting Edge.

Novelty aside, this is actually a decent product.

Krait Prestige is double-fermented, a costly process that is generally reserved for upper-end sparkling wines. The second fermentation takes place in Belgium’s famous Rodenbach brewery, which is best known for producing the Rodenbach Grand Cru.

But can a beer really pass for champagne? According to Playboy:

The bottle certainly looks regal. It is sleek, black and emblazoned with the company's elephant logo in faux gold relief. The cork is smaller than those found in true champagnes. The alcohol level is smaller, too: eight percent, as opposed to the 12 percent in Veuve Clicquot. The beer is a cloudy pale yellow and has a toasty, bread-like aroma. It has floral notes, like a Belgian beer and, although it may be too sweet for some drinkers, it finishes fast and dry. At $12, it's an affordable alternative to sparkling wine. (continue reading at Playboy.com, which may contain some nudity).

KraitKrait Prestige has received some sparkling reviews along with some flat ones; but the general consensus is that it is a great enough beer to try at least once, and definitely good enough for a one-time party favor.

Of course, in order to pull off "Mr. Cutting Edge" you need to know the lingo. Here are some smart things you can say about Krait:

The beer poured into the chalice crystal clear pale golden straw with a white and moderate head which was small bubbled and fell slowly to lace the glass.

The aroma was strongly spicy with pepper after first being poured. The aroma became slightly fruity with a crisp very, very lightly corny character and a subtle sweetness which brought to mind a light peach nature. (continue reading at Beeradvocate.com)

While a national campaign is planned for this product, the last time I checked it is only available in Georgia, Massachusetts, and New York (see I told you it was cutting edge). Check out Krait's home page for more information.

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