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Adam Baker, or just Baker, blogs over at Man Vs. Debt, where the discussion centers around "getting out of debt" & "getting into life"!

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This is part three of my Getting Out of Debt: The Essentials series. In the first two parts of the series we laid the 'mental foundation' to start our surge against debt.  For most, this groundwork is essential to succeeding, however there [more]

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Debt-Free Living IS Attainable: If You Want It, You Can Have It

This is part two of my Getting Out of Debt: The Essentials series. Before we start plowing into the specifics of paying off debt, we've got to build a durable mental foundation. [more]

Acknowledge You Have a Problem with Debt

This is part one of my Getting Out of Debt: The Essentials series. There is a reason why nearly every "recovery" program, despite the underlying issue, has the exact same first step.  The wording may vary slightly, but the underly [more]