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By Andrea Karim on 27 December 2006 (Updated 10 June 2007) 2 comments

I love the plethora of frugal ideas that people are happily posting, for free, all over the internet. I'm sharing some of my favorites here. Because I can. And because Mr. Chen's rather prolific posting of late is bringing out my long-buried (and possibly imagined) sense of competitiveness.

Also, we don't technically have a blogroll yet (or as highly technical people call it, "that-list-of-other-blog-sites-on-one-side-of-the-page-linky-thing"), I thought it might be good to prove that we are not threatened by the plethora of frugal advice online. We embrace it.

Some of these links are to main blog pages, and others are to specific blog entries that I thought were worthy and frugal without being tacky.

Creative Gifts for Crafty People
Love and Money - Questions to ask your sig other
Young and Broke blog
Financial Tips You Already Know, But Don't Want to Think About
Stop Buying Crap
Overdraft Fees and How to Reduce Them
Atheist Frugal Blogger
Christian Frugal Blogger

See? We take all kinds.

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Will Chen's picture

Yes, I think I will require all bloggers to address me as Mr. Chen.

To misquote Homer, no one ever calls me "Mister" without adding, "you're making a scene!"

I love those choices! In fact, just this morning I dropped a comment on Stop Buying Crap. I visit a lot of these blogs and the last one is just too cute for wards. =)

Guest's picture

the Christian frugal blogger link is broken