How to Save on Toilet Paper and Diapers Without Working Hard

By Carrie Kirby on 30 November 2009 19 comments

I am a frugalista. I am willing to work for a bargain. But today I had to ask myself -- why work hard when you don't have to?

Because -- a new site that sells necessities like toilet paper, detergent and diapers by mail -- is offering its gift cards at 30% off today for Cyber Monday, I really investigated the site for the first time. After a brief look, you can bet I ordered myself a $100 gift card for $70. More on that deal below -- first, let's look at how won even this hard-core frugalista over to convenience.

Like some of you probably do, I get a lot of toiletry and household items for free by working the rewards programs at CVS and Walgreens. But there are a few items that I have rarely or never snared for free: napkins, toilet paper and diapers. Readers of my blog, Frugalista, know that I will drop everything and haul my kids to Target for the chance to buy Huggies at 10 or 11 cents per infant-sized diaper.

(And before you comment to tell me how much I'd be saving using cloth diapers, you're right. I've used them and I'd like to get back to them, but with two in diapers right now, a thriving work-at-home career and a kindergartener to boot, I'm just barely keeping up with the regular laundry at the moment.) sells household staples at about the same price you'd see at Target. Then, they load the available coupons out there onto the site, so you can use a coupon without clipping or even getting the Sunday paper. Then, they ship your order to you for free.

They also have sales that look like Amazon's Lightning Deals when you're logged in, look at the bottom of the site and you'll see some item listed at 7% off or 30% off or more, but only for a limited amount of units, and do they go fast.

I knew I could save time by ordering diapers on Amazon or, but I put in the extra work to get a better deal. But now, with my 30% off gift card, I'll be paying less than 11 cents a diaper (for infant size) at and I will never have to put the kids in the car for a can't-resist-this-deal diaper run.

Here's how the math works: has a Jumbo pack of size 1 Huggies diapers for $9.39, similar to the shelf price at Target or wherever. A coupon right there on the site brings it down to $7.39. Using the gift card I bought at 30% off, it's like I'm really getting a 30% discount on everything I buy. So I'd pay $5.39 on Alice after coupon and 30% discount, for that pack of 50 diapers -- 10.8 cents per diaper. That's pretty much as cheap as I've ever bought diapers, even working it. Baby Cheapskate's handy chart lists the "price to beat" for Size 1 Huggies as 17 cents.

The deal is also good for larger diapers: Baby Cheapskate's price to beat for Size 4 is 25 cents a diaper. has a Jumbo pack of Size 4 diapers (31 count) for $9.69. The $2/1 coupon brings the price down to $7.69. After the 30% discount, my $7.69 diaper pack will cost me $5.39, or 17.4 cents a diaper.

(Buying a larger Mega Pack would not save me money: If I bought the Mega Pack, I'd get 52 diapers for $16.28, $14.28 after coupon, and $10 after my 30% discount, which works out to 19 cents a diaper.)

As for toilet paper, the other thing I'm excited about buying at, I hate doing toilet paper math. There are all those different roll sizes and stuff. But I'm going to trust that if I can get a great deal on diapers by combining's prices and this gift card offer, I'm going to get a great price on toilet paper, too.

Here's how to get gift cards, today only, for 30% off:

1. Create an account at or log in if you already have one.

2. Go to

3. Click the button that says "Share this deal on Facebook." It should give you a little window where you can add a little message for your Facebook page. I filled it out and immediately was told that my 30 percent discount was activated.

4. If you don't want to post to Facebook, you can get a gift card at 15% off.

5. Go ahead and buy gift cards! The 30% savings will be reflected in your cart.

6. Wait for your gift cards to arrive in the mail.

Because these are physical gift cards, I think they would make great gifts, especially for those impending teacher holiday gifts.

This deal ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight, Central Time.

This post is riddled with affiliate links, so yes, if you sign up for through the links here, I'll make a small commission on your purchases. But honest, this is a great deal -- I just bought myself a $100 gift card and a $50 as a gift, and I might yet log back on to buy more gifts.

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great article, thanks for the tips! Just wanted to let you know I am adding this blog on my "digg"

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... that IS a good deal!

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I love Alice. I've been using the service since they opened. Quick delivery, automatic coupons and reminders when you are scheduled to run out of stuff.

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This beats my personal best on diaper prices by $.001, take that thanksgiving day shopping.

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I recently looked at for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I hate doing all that math to figure out the best deal...and I don't need diapers. But, I do believe they have great deals when you take advantage of their discounts and coupons. I also like the fact that they don't charge a shipping fee.

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I was able to purchase 10 boxes of Kotex pantiliners (2 boxes each of 5 different varieties) plus 1 box of Lipton tea for $5.32. After I subtracted the $5 gift card I got from Swagbucks, it cost me a whopping $ .32 out of my checking account. Woohoo! More details here:

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Very cool tip as diapers do seem to be just ridiculously expensive!

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The article was great but it was difficult to read as there were not appropriate spacing between words. For a first time reader, it defenitely makes me think "shifty" and not on the up and up.

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I wonder if Brenda's problem is some kind of browser-specific but? Is everyone else seeing an article without spaces between words? I'm not.

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I am new to SwagBucks and is definitely the most reasonable choice for converting SB's to real dollars. I actually only pay $5-$7 per jumbo pack of Huggies diapers and pull-ups thanks to CVS, but since SB's are free money was thinking of making my diaper source. Except, I couldn't find a way to learn about their diaper prices w/out signing up, and I need to wait to sign up until I decide about the SB's. You answered my question perfectly! And bingo on the tp - that is one thing that I pay the closest to retail after coupons so I will check it out. Love this site!

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Great deal! I have heard of Alice but never checked them out yet. I think I will now!

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My question is do they sell in bulk? say a case of TP at a time?

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My question is do they sell in bulk? say a case of TP at a time?

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This deal is not on anymore. I spoke to a live chat person on and she stated it ended months ago. Free shipping and automatic coupons are always there.

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I used cloth diapers when I had THREE in diapers. I never thought they were work at all... surely less work than going to the store to buy disposables, and less work than calculating which brand is the cheapest. Cloth diapers are barely more work to wash than hauling used disposables out to the curb for trash pick up.

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Use the coupon code AFF15OFF at for 15% off your first order and free shipping over $49. Includes diapers, formula and cribs.

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Use coupon code: STACK at the checkout and save 20% off your entire order and and 15% off your entire order at, free shipping on orders over $25

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probably a year ago, has the best deal... but now prices are higher compare to our local walmart, kroger and publix.

shampoo i buy is $4 at alice while it's 2.5 at walmart.
same with soap, $2 higher.
diapers, toilet paper, etc.

i like the concept of but not enough for me to switch prices are higher as of 10/6/2010.

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Baby Gear is great for saving some money. Thanks for sharing!