Where to Invest Your Money After You've Maxed Out Your Retirement Account

You've done an unbelievable job of saving for retirement. Does this mean you're done stashing money away? Not quite.

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How Long Does It Really Take to Close on a House?

You may be ready to move in to your new place, but closing can take its sweet time. Here's what you can expect.

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Today we found articles on things every frugal person should spend money on, pantry tips from the pros, and easy ways to save money after you turn 50.

How to Set Career Goals When You Lack Direction

If you're lost on the career path, have no fear; you can still set goals without knowing where you're going.

5 Surprises When Downsizing to a Condo

Condo living is a common way to downsize. But for homeowners making the leap, it comes with a few surprises you may not expect.

How to Get More Value From Delta Air Lines SkyMiles

Delta is the only major airline that doesn't publish an award chart, but it's still possible to get decent value from your SkyMiles.

8 Ways to Build Your Financial Self Esteem

Feeling down about money can keep us from taking smart financial steps. Go for these small wins and get back in the game.

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6 Quick Ways to Retrain for a New Career

If your current gig isn't doing it for you anymore, you can retrain — quickly — for a new line of work.

Best Money Tips: Turning Your Home Into an Investment

Today we found articles on how to turn your home into an investment, how to choose the right accountability partner, and a guide to finding land for your tiny house.

Saving Goals for Every Age

Every time you enter a new decade of life, ask yourself: Is my savings on track?

The 5 Best Debt Tracking Systems

Using any of these debt tracking systems, you'll have a much easier time paying off your debt once and for all.

5 Signs You're Ready to Sell Your House

The housing market is red-hot. But are you truly ready to sell?

Money After Graduation: Highlights from Our Chat with UNT's Student Money Management Center

Don't miss the highlights from our chat with UNT's Student Money Management Center on money after graduation.

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Why You Should Stop Keeping Your Money Problems to Yourself

Keeping your money problems mum won't make them go away faster. In fact, it might only dig you in deeper.

How New Homeowners Can Furnish Their Place on a Budget

You're finally a homeowner! Now you feel the need to fill up all that space. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to kick up your feet for cheap.

How to Calculate the Value of Your Credit Card Rewards

Ever wonder what your credit card rewards are actually worth? Let's find out.

Best Money Tips: Personal Finance Tools for Lazy People

Today we found articles on personal finance tools that you can set and forget, small habits for big success, and tips for thrifty road trips.