Best Deals for Wednesday 08/16

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7 Ways Your Bartender Is Ripping You Off

Before you hit the bars and clubs, make sure you know some of the ways you can get shortchanged by the bartender.

3 Things You Should Do Immediately After Losing Your Passport

If you lose your passport, take a deep breath, and do these things immediately.

Here's What You Need to Know Before Buying a College Meal Plan

You know college tuition, books, and room and board cost a pretty penny. Are you forgetting about food?

Ask the Readers: What Advice Would You Give a College Freshman?

Tell us what advice you would give a college freshman and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Best Money Tips: Ways to Save Money on Streaming Services

Today we found articles on ways to save on streaming services, lifestyle changes to make while you’re paying off debt, and over 200 amazing upcycling ideas.

Are You Ruining Your Retirement by Spoiling Your Kids?

You'd do anything for your kids — but you shouldn't derail your retirement to loan them money.

Best Deals for Tuesday 08/15

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6 Back-to-School Items You Can Sell For Extra Cash

When school supplies are in abundance in your home, what should you do? Sell 'em!

How to Buy a New Computer Without Breaking Your Budget

Yes, you can buy a new computer without destroying your budget.

7 Ways to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

You applied for the job. Your interview is next week — and it's over the phone. Don't treat this like a piece of cake. It's time to brush up.

Best Money Tips: How to Improve Your Finances By Being More Likable

Today we found articles on how to be more likable and why that’s financially valuable, five kinds of low-budget weddings, and retirement tips for 20-somethings.

7 Easy First Steps to Paying Off Debt

Facing debt can be overwhelming. Where do you start? These simple steps will start you on the path to repayment.

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8 Questions Real Estate Agents Hear Most Often

If you're buying or selling a home, you'll undoubtedly have questions. Your agent has probably heard them all.

Flashback Friday: 75 Cheap Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer

Summer is almost over! But you can still have summer fun on the cheap.

How to Budget Consistently Without a Steady Paycheck

Adapting your finances to the freelance life takes a little finesse. No worries: You can budget like a boss even without a steady income.

23 Effortless Ways to Go Green (and Save Money, Too)

Captain Planet fully believes in your ability to save the Earth, without even trying!

Best Money Tips: How to Get Free Wi-Fi at the Airport

Today we found articles on how to get free Wi-Fi at the airport, quick and easy ways to organize your closet, and simple habits to help you stop overthinking.

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