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Why a Mobile Home May Be Your Best Option for Affordable Housing

If it's affordable homeownership you're after, you may want to give mobile homes a second look. They're nicer than you think!

15 Easy to Keep New Year's Resolutions That Really Pay Off

New Year's resolutions are really hard to keep. But these are actually pretty easy, and totally worth the effort.

Ask the Readers: What Are Your New Year's Traditions?

Tell us about your New Year traditions and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

6 Ways to Be a Good Guest When You're Broke

Just because you have zero dollars doesn't mean you can't contribute in other ways. Be thoughtful and kind and they'll always invite you back.

Get a $200 Travel Credit Just for Signing Up for a Credit Card

Planning on traveling in the new year? Get the 1.5 points for each dollar you spend and a $200 travel credit with the BankAmericard Travel Rewards Card.

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4 New Year's Resolutions Your Pet Wants You to Make

Fluffy and Fido are really, really hoping you'll keep these New Year's resolutions. Even better — they're good for you, too.

7 Last-Minute Ways to Cut Your 2016 Tax Bill

Tick tock, the year's almost up! Before 2017 comes ringing in, make sure you check off these last-minute ways to cut your '16 tax bill.

Here's How to Choose the Right Balance Transfer Card

Are you thinking about saving money on your holiday spending by transferring a balance? Make sure you choose the right balance transfer credit card.

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Get Up to 21 Months to Pay Off Your Holiday Spending With No Interest

You can save money on your holiday spending if you transfer a balance to a 0% balance transfer card. Consider one of these 5 best credit cards to transfer a balance to.

Home Reverse Mortgaged? Here's How to Sell It

Reverse mortgages are growing in demand as the population ages. This means more of these homes will be hitting the market, too.

My 2016 Budget Challenge: Reduce Debt or Save for an Emergency?

Life's curveballs have Max and her Mr. evaluating their budget challenge as a whole. Should they stay the course?

Best Money Tips: DIY Cold Remedies From Around the World

Today we found articles on DIY cold remedies from around the world, simple money challenges to beef up your savings, and ways to hack your KitchenAid stand mixer.

8 Stocks to Dump Before the New Year

Sometimes even investments have sell-by dates. You might want to cut your losses with these investments before 2017.

Taking a Vacation Soon? Make Sure You Use the Best Travel Credit Card

You can earn thousands of dollars in award flights, travel benefits, and extra bonuses if you use the right travel credit card. Here are the best travel reward credit cards for earning the most from your purchases.

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The High Cost of Keeping Warm

Keeping your home warm this winter comes at a cost — a rather high one, if you're not careful.

Best Money Tips: 10 Things That Are Cheaper After Christmas

Today we found articles on things that are cheaper after Christmas, surprising uses for shampoo, and what to look for in an Airbnb listing.