Save Money and Eat Better With These 6 Online Meal Planners

Hate meal planning but want to save on fast food? These sites will help.

Best Deals for Tuesday 09/13

Chef's Star Cooking Gloves Germ & Heat Resistant $11, Adidas Women's AX2 GTX® Cross Trainer Shoes $50, Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus $80, plus more sizzling Tuesday deals!

Best Money Tips: How to Master Small Talk

Today we found articles on how to hone your small talk skills, science-backed ways to create happiness, and what you need to know about the new iPhone 7.

Why Your Personal Savings Rate Matters

Banks and other big financial players measure and track lots of data about their performance. Here's one you should start tracking, too.

Get the Most Travel Perks and Rewards With These Cards

Whether your travel plans include airfare, hotels, or other purchases, you can score the most travel rewards and perks with these top travel reward credit cards.

5 Reasons Fall Is a Great Time to House Hunt

The leaves are changing, and you still don't have your dream home. Hey, no worries! Fall is a great time to house hunt.

8 Things We Keep Buying That Are Killing the Planet

Convenience comes at a price — and the planet is paying it.

Save Money and Eliminate Debt with a 0% Balance Transfer

These credit cards can help you save hundreds of dollars and eliminate debt with 0% introductory APR offers. You can transfer a balance and pay it down without interest for as long as 21 months.

Student Loan Debt in Collections? Try These 5 Steps

The student loan default rate is rising. If you ever find yourself falling behind, here's how to catch up.

Best Money Tips: Small Habits That Steal Your Happiness

Today we found articles on small habits that steal your happiness, tips for saving money on groceries, and ways to get cheap or free vet care for your pet.

Best Deals for Monday 09/12

Merry Monday deals include 74% off Matto 9-Piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set with Travel Bag, 73% off Anjou Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8oz Hair Treatment, and 60% off Powerbag Backpack with Built-In Charging Station & Speakers! Plus more!

This Email Trick Will Save You Big on Shopping

Finally, a smart way to declutter your inbox and save a boat load of money.

6 Easy Ways to Get Free Travel Using Your Credit Cards

Traveling can be expensive but you can use credit cards, frequent flyer programs, sign-up bonuses and other card offers to cut the costs. Here are 6 ways you can get free travel using your credit cards.

Get a $200 Travel Bonus Just for Signing Up for a Credit Card

Earn travel rewards for all your purchases when you use the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card. Plus, new cardholders can earn a bonus worth $200 in travel.

3 Smart Ways Young Millionaires Manage Their Money

Even if you aren't lucky enough to be a young millionaire, you can still learn a thing or two about money from the filthy rich under 40 set.

Flashback Friday: 54 Frugal Hobbies You Should Try Immediately

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My 2016 Budget Challenge: Where to Find Cheap Training for a New Career

Max is feeling the crunch. With $21K still left to go, will she hit her budget goals and find a new job by December? Stay tuned!

The 5 Best Ceiling Fans

Keeping cool on the warmer days isn't easy, but it can be. Get any of these five ceiling fans and you'll stay cool on the cheap.

Best Deals for Friday 09/09

63% off Besiva Knife Sharpener with Coarse & Extra-Fine Sharpening System, 60% off Mengo Lumi Bike Mount For iPhone Universal, 49% off Telescoping Hot Dog & Smores Fork Set, plus more TGIF deals!

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Today we found articles on items you should never buy at thrift stores, free ways to make your skin more beautiful, and how to host a kid-friendly dinner party.