Best Deals for Wednesday 04/13

Grab a Frosted Glass Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier $46 for your home, a 51-piece Kids Student Beginner Microscope Kit $28 for your kids, or a Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl $8 for your pet! Don't miss today's hot deals!

8 Ways to Make Sure You Never Pay an ATM Fee

If tapping the ATM results in repeated fees — you’re doing it wrong. It’s time to get smart about automatic money machines.

The 5 Best Makeup Brush Sets

Keeping your beauty tools in tip top shape isn't easy, but it can be. Just use any of these makeup brush sets and your makeup tools will last (almost) forever.

Best Credit Cards with the Annual Fee Waived the First Year

If you're hesitant to get a credit card with an annual fee, these credit cards offer the first year for $0.

5 Ways to Stop Your Mindless Spending

One-click buying, impulse shopping trips… Learn how to keep more of your money by developing more money-mindfulness.

10 Boring Investments That Are Surprisingly Profitable

Just because an investment may lack charisma doesn't mean it can't make you money. Consider adding these wallflowers to your portfolio.

Ask the Readers: What Does Financial Success Mean to You?

Tell us what financial success means to you and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

12 Easy Ways to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Completing college is hard enough without the mountain of debt that usually follows. Here's how to get the education without the financial stress.

Best Deals for Tuesday 04/12

Check out our Tuesday treats! 87% Off on Invicta Women's Angel Analog Display Swiss Watch, 75% Off on a luxurious 4-Piece 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Bed Sheet Set and Marvel “The Avengers” Double Dog Tag Chain Necklace, plus more amazing deals!

Best Money Tips: Avoid These 8 Hidden Travel Costs

Today we found helpful articles on ways to avoid hidden travel costs, office hacks for a more productive day, and pet care tips from an animal rescue.

5 Most Common Tax Mistakes Made by College Grads

College grads, your homework isn’t over. Your next assignment is making sure you get the most tax breaks possible.

5 Lessons That Teach Your Kid to Be Their Own Boss

Even if your child isn't interested in self-employment later in life, these entrepreneurial skills will help no matter what life or career path they pursue.

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Fast

If your FICO score needs some TLC, these strategies will get it whipped into shape — ASAP.

4 Surprising Reasons to Always Use Your Credit Card

Did you know that your credit card has built in protection for your purchases?

10 Delicious and Frugal Power Bowls You Want Right Now

If you weren't already hungry, these delicious and trendy power bowls will make your stomach all kinds of growly.

Best Money Tips: How Retailers Use Dynamic Pricing to Make You Pay More

Today we found helpful articles on how retailers use dynamic pricing to get you to pay more, the best flea markets across America, and elements of a healthy diet.

Are You Wasting $68,000 on Gas?

You may think you need to commute a long way to work. But how much is it costing you?

How I Sold My House in 48 Hours

Some homes languish on the market for months, costing owners money and stress. Find out how one seller got it done in a single weekend.

Best Deals for Monday 04/11

Amazing Monday Deals! Freefly Virtual Reality Smartphone 3D Headset $79, Laura Ashley Women's Japanese Quartz Brown Watch $31, Silicone BBQ Grill Heat Resistant Gloves $10 and more!

Protect Future Earnings by Negotiating the Right Starting Salary

Why set yourself up for financial failure when you can negotiate a fair starting salary now?