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7 Critical Money Mistakes People Make in Their 40s

As you enter your 40s, the financial stakes increase. Don't make these dangerous money missteps.

Best Money Tips: Legit Sites to Get Free Stuff

Today we found articles on legit sites to get free stuff, hazards that can ruin your vacation, and time management questions to ask yourself in the morning.

8 Valuable Rights You Might Lose When You Refinance Student Loans

You can refinance your mortgage to chip away at federal student loans faster. But be cautious: It comes at a cost.

How Long Does It Take to Break Even With Solar Panels?

If you're worried about the cost of installing solar panels, know that'll you'll break even … and maybe sooner than you think.

5 Careers Where Women Earn More Than Men

The wage gap is no secret. But in these five career fields, it's women who come out on top of the pay scale.

The 5 Best Beach Tents

When you're at the beach and the sun gets too hot, it's nice to grab a little shade. Get any of these beach tents and you'll be tucked away from those harsh rays.

Best Deals for Thursday 06/15

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9 Summer Side Gigs for Grown-Ups

Teenagers aren't the only ones who need extra money during the summer. Maybe one of these great summer gigs is right for you!

4 Credit Card Transactions That Don't Earn Rewards

Credit card rewards are pretty awesome, but they don't dole 'em out for everything.

Micro-Prepping: How to Prepare for Small Disasters

Are you prepared for even a small disaster? Micro-prepping will get you there.

The New Grad's Guide to Debt Management

If you recently graduated college, there's a good chance you recently got that first student loan bill. Lost? We've got you covered.

Best Money Tips: Transform Your Finances With These Simple Habits

Today we found articles on simple habits that will transform your finances, kitchen cleaning DIYs, and cheap ways to make your house seem fancier.

The 5 Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Getting out of bed in the morning isn't easy, but it can be. Use any of these smart alarm clocks and waking up will be a piece of cake.

You Should Ignore These 4 Kinds of Money Advice

Sometimes your paranoia is a good thing — like when it comes to sketchy money advice.

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6 Terrible Money Moves to Avoid on the First Date

Make any of these bonehead money moves on a first date and you can bet there won't be a second date.

Family-Friendly Hotel and Resort Chains Where Kids Stay Free

Kids can make a travel experience all the more fun — and sadly, all the more expensive. But not at these family-friendly hotel chains!

How to Resist the Expensive "Once in a Lifetime" Mentality

Just because you think you'll only buy something once, doesn't mean it's worth spending your money on.