Best Deals for Thursday 03/19

Nordstrom Rack Clearance: Up to 90% off with deals from $3, Calvin Klein at eBay: Up to 85% off with deals from $7, Lenovo March Madness Sale: Up to 50% off, and more!

14 Cool Uses for a Blender

Everyone's got one tucked away in some kitchen cabinet. If you're not getting enough mileage out of your blender, check out these 14 great uses.

Here's How Delaying Marriage or Kids Saves You Money

Getting married is quite the expense, and so is starting a family. Is it worth it to wait? Here are some financial issues to consider.

4 Annoying Things Bill Collectors Can't Do -- And How to Stop Them

It pays to know your rights when it comes to collections agencies. Here are four things that debt collectors definitely can't do.

10 Important Reasons You Need to Cut Back on Screen Time

We love our smartphones and tablets, but that glow comes with some costs. Is it time to cut back for better health and happiness?

Find a Side Gig at These 4 Best Micro-Jobs Sites

One way to boost your savings is to earn a little extra in your spare time. Get your side hustle on via one of these quick job search sites.

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Can a Robot Called Digit Really Help You Save More?

Saving is hard, even for regular readers of Wise Bread. A new smartphone app aims to make setting money aside easier than ever. Here's what it's like.

Best Money Tips: How to Make a Great First Impression

Today we found some great articles on ways to make a great first impression, things that make you look dumb on Facebook, and money-saving DIY home repairs.

Best Deals for Wednesday 03/18

Bed Bath & Beyond Clearance: Up to 80% off, Sierra Trading Post Sale: Up to 90% off + 35% off, Home Depot Overstock Sale: Up to 40% off, and more!

10 Edible Garden Plants Anyone Can Grow

Gardening isn't always fun for those of us with black thumbs. Plant these 10 foolproof veggies and a beautiful harvest will sprout in no time.

6 Smart Things to Do With Your Bonus

You've got a little extra money on hand, but don't burn it on stuff. Instead, spend that windfall to build a better future for you and your family.

5 Vital Things to Remember When Buying Health Insurance

Time to buy a new health insurance plan? Don't just pick anything. Consider these five important factors first.

5 Common Logic Traps You May Be Falling For

The human brain is a curious thing. See if you're being held back by one of these notorious logic traps.

5 Jobs Proven to Make You Live Longer

Every job has its pros and cons. Choose one of these five careers and the stats say you will extend your life — by years.

9 Reasons Why the U.S. Economy Is Kicking the World's Butt

Can you feel it? No, not spring — the springiness of the U.S. economy. Learn why it's doing so well, and how you might benefit, too.

Best Money Tips: Biggest Urban Myths of Personal Finance

Today we found some great articles on the biggest urban myths of personal finance, creative ways to reuse K-cups, and ways to save money when you’re making minimum wage.

10 Stupid Shopping Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Sometimes we're not as thrifty as we think we are. Avoid these shopping slip-ups and bring home more for less every time.

Best Deals for Tuesday 03/17

Banana Republic Sale: Extra 50% off, 100-Foot Commercial Garden Hose for $25 + $7 s/h, Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser 2-Pack for $22, and more!

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