5 Affordable Countries Every Outdoor Explorer Can Afford to Visit

There's no shortage of thrilling places for outdoorsy types to experience nature — even for outdoorsy types short on travel funds.

5 Bedtime Routines of Famous Financial Gurus

From Bill Gates to Oprah, the world's most successful people have one surprising habit in common — a bedtime ritual.

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The Absolute Worst Ways to Ask for a Raise

You deserve a raise. You know you do! But ask the wrong way, and you won't get a dime.

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How to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

If the only thing your realtor is offering is stress, it's time to break up. It's not you — it's them.

How to Live a Retired Life Before Retirement

You don't have to wait until retirement to start living like you already have.

The 5 Best Pet Shampoos

Keeping your pets clean isn't easy, but it can be. Just use any of these pet shampoos and their fur will stay shiny and tidy.

8 Questions Financial Advisers Hear Most Often

Financial advisers have heard it all when it comes to money. But they hear these questions most of all.

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6 Reasons Every Millennial Needs a Roth IRA

You're young, you're earning an income, and you're ready to save for retirement. It's time to open a Roth IRA.

Best Money Tips: Summer Backyard Safety Tips

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How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret

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10 Affordable Water Parks You Can Drive To

Make a splash on your next summer vacation by road-tripping to these awesome, affordable water parks!

5 Times Dad Was Right About Money

Underneath the corny one-liners and dad jokes, your old man probably actually knew a thing or two about money.

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What to Do After Losing Your Social Security Card

A lost Social Security card is easy to replace. Things become a little dicier, though, if your number falls into the wrong hands.

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Today we found articles on legit ways to get free gas, decorating hacks for renters, and cheap DIY solutions for summer skin care.