Why Saving Money Is Harder Today

Feel the squeeze? Saving money today is harder than ever. These skyrocketing expenses are the reason why.

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8 Times Booking Your Own Travel Is Cheaper Than a Package Deal

Don't just book a package believing it's the cheapest option. Booking independently could score you big savings.

The 5 Best Voice Recorders

When you're in a pinch and have to record something, you need a dependable device. Use any of these voice recorders and you'll get the audio recording you need.

5 Brilliant Money Moves You Should Make on January 1

It's a new year! Ditch the unrealistic resolutions and make these smart, achievable money moves right on January 1.

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5 Famous Overseas Film Settings You Can Visit on Any Budget

Have you ever fallen in love with a place after seeing it on the big screen? These overseas film settings are affordable and absolutely beautiful.

Ask the Readers: What Are You Looking Forward to in 2018?

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Buying Virtual Cats Might Be the Future of Investing

What happens when you combine cute kitties with an addictive game? The hottest new investment trend.

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Christmas Tree

Before you toss that dried up Christmas tree on the sidewalk, give it new life instead!

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Why Playing It Safe With Your Money Is Actually Risky

When it comes to your money, fear of risk may be your biggest enemy.

All-Inclusive Resorts You Can Book for Free With Points

All-inclusive resorts offer an affordable and convenient way to travel, but did you know you could book these properties for free?

Never Do These 5 Things When You're in Debt

Credit card debt is a tough cycle to break. If you're making these mistakes, it's only going to get tougher.

4 Money Resolutions Anyone Can Conquer

With a new year comes a slew of hard-to-keep resolutions. Reaching these money goals only requires a little bit of work up front. It's easy!

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How Being Uninformed Costs You Money

Information is power. And without it, you're losing money.

How to Land More Freelance Clients in a Snap

If you're a freelancer, finding steady work is key. Here's how to build a great client roster that'll keep you busier than ever.

How to Wisely Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Looking to book your next trip? Choose your destination wisely.