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Keeping cool on the warmer days isn't easy, but it can be. Get any of these five ceiling fans and you'll stay cool on the cheap.

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4 Ways Women Can Avoid Paying the "Pink Tax"

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Best Deals for Thursday 09/08

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The 5 Best In-Home Dry Cleaning Kits

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6 Ways That Better Paying Job Out of State May Cost You

Scoping out a new, better paying job out of state? Beware of these factors that could cost you.

7 Reasons Millennials Should Stop Being Afraid of the Stock Market

Young people aren't investing as much as they should be — and it's costing them. Get over these fears and start putting your money to work.

Save Money on Interest with a Low Interest Credit Card

If you have to carry a balance, the BankAmericard credit card's low interest rate helps you to save money on interest. Plus, you can save even more with one of the longest 0% introductory APRs for purchases and balance transfers.

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4 Important Ways College Students Should Use Credit Cards

These are powerful ways students can use credit cards for their benefit while still avoiding debt.

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Travel can be a struggle when you're strapped for cash. But the perfect fall getaway is still within your grasp and budget.

Best Money Tips: How to Enjoy Hawaii Without Going Broke

Today we found articles on ways to enjoy Hawaii without going broke, smart moves for career women this fall, and decorating ideas for a good night’s sleep.

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The 5 Best Pet Diapers

Keeping your floors clean when potty training a puppy isn't easy, but it can be. Just use one of these five pet diapers and you'll keep messes to a minimum.