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EBay’s Non-Paying Bidders

EBay is an imperfect system, simply because for the most part it is run on non-binding contracts.

Frugal is the new sexy - a scientist says so!

In NewScientist's special report: brillant minds forecast the next 50 years , Geoffrey Miller predicts that flashy and expensive things will become less sexually appealing. [more]

Bidding wisely on eBay

EBay can be the discount shopper’s paradise. It’s where you can find like-new electronics, brand new designer clothes and accessories, and anything else your heart might desire, m

Hype is Expensive

I want a Wii. I really really want one. I’m an avid female gamer and I am dying to play Trauma Center: Second Opinion so I can use Nintendo’s innovative remotes to perform surgery. [more]

The Sale Aftermath: Beware of PayPal Chargebacks

PayPal is a necessary evil. As a seller on eBay, it’s impossible to avoid using it. How they are able to do what they do (take money from sellers’ accounts whenever they want) is beyond me but it’s a brilliant business plan. [more]

Saving High

Most of us got at least one letter from ING Direct five or six ago with a check for $25 to open an online savings account with them, the first of its kind. [more]

Effective eBay Listing

Here is a checklist to making an effective listing on eBay.

The Business of eBay

Thinking of quitting your day job to sell on eBay full time? Here are a few things you should know before you make the jump.