Ask the Frugal Counselor a question and win her recipe book!

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Photo: Mary Webber

Mary Webber was the Family Thrift Counselor for Maine Savings Bank for over fourteen years, during which time she hosted a weekly radio show and weekly television segments, both broadcast statewide in Maine.

Mary has graciously agreed to be a guest counselor at Wise Bread from today until July 20th.  She will be answering frugal living questions in this forum thread.  Please stop by and say hi!

Ask a question and win a book

Win a copy of Mary's Frugal Family Kitchen Book simply by asking her a question in this forum thread between July 7th to July 20th, 2008. We'll randomly select 6 lucky winners on July 21st.

What can you ask her?

Mary has shared her wisdom on topics ranging from baking bread and raising chickens to fund-raising strategies and writing wills. But it has always been in the kitchen that Mary's practical approach has been particularly appreciated.

Through her weekly radio shows, workshops, television segments, booklets, and of course two Kitchen Books, Mary has helped families just like yours save money and eat better.

kitchen book

What people are saying about her book on Amazon

Kimi Wolf is passing this book on to the next generation:

I mainly bake for my family, as my husband enjoys cooking our meals. This cookbook is my favorite. The Supreme Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Fudge Frosting is a must at each birthday throughout the year. Also, the Cold Blueberry Pie (Openfaced Blueberry Pie in the third edition of the book) is fantastic. My friends request that I make that for all our get-togethers. The Gingerbread recipe is another favorite. I could go on and on....I recieved this book as a gift about 15 years ago and it shows. It was falling apart. Thankfully, Mary published another edition. My daughter now has editions 2 and 3 in her collection of cookbooks. I know that she too will be using these cookbooks long into the future.

If you think 15 years is a long time to hang on to a book, check out what Mrs. Noris has to say:

This book is one of the few that has survived nearly twenty years with me, thereby outlasting two husbands, several careers, and many relocations. It is not only a cookbook, but a book of simple and homey wisdom, worth reading for the pleasure of it, aside from the many good, economical, and easy recipes. I'm sorry to see that it's out of print, since I think everyone should have a copy right alongside "Joy of Cooking".

If Wise Bread is here 20 years from now, we promise to hold a reunion for all the book winners.  We'll probably be talking about how to get the most work out of our solar-powered robots.  You don't want to miss that so ask a qusetion today!

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