Ask the Readers $200 Giveaway: What is Your Favorite Way to Save Money?

By Ashley Jacobs on 1 April 2014 132 comments

Congratulations to Karen L for winning a $100 Skype gift card and to Susan S and Karen G for winning $50 Visa gift cards!

Chances are if you are a Wise Bread reader, you are interested in saving money and have learned many ways to cut your costs. There are many blogs out there that can help you keep your expenses low using money-saving tactics. From couponing to apps to thrift shops and more, everyone has their favorite ways to save money!

What is your favorite way to save money? Do you love couponing? Using money-saving apps? Doing DIY projects?

Tell us about your favorite way to save money and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a $100 Skype Gift Card or one of two $50 Visa Gift Cards!

Win a $100 Skype gift card or one of two $50 Visa Gift Cards

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Guest's picture

I have more than one favorite ways to save money, so I wrote a blog post on it-

A couple are to make what you can, stop shopping and hide disposables. The ideas seem much more reasonable when laid out in the blog post, I swear!

Guest's picture
Happy Love

I use rebate sites and print online coupons (also through the rebate site).

Guest's picture
Daniel M

always look for sales, coupons and bogos

Guest's picture
Erica C.

The best way to save money is using coupons/store deals.

Guest's picture

I shop at thrift stores and buy used when I can, coupons and buy one get one free sales are also a big thing for me.

Guest's picture

I save money by clipping coupons and waiting for sales to match up with the coupons. When there's a match for something I use regularly I try to get my hands on as many copies of the coupon as I can and stock up.

Guest's picture
burgess burgess

Any time we eat out order water to drink.

Guest's picture
joe gersch

my favorite way to save money is to unplug electrical items i do not use and use power strips

Guest's picture

Creating arts and crafts from recycled materials!

It is NOT the most lucrative in terms of dollars and cents saved and earned, but it is the most fun :)

Gardening is a close 2nd.

Guest's picture
Sara C

I check out movies from the library instead of renting them.

Guest's picture
Karen Drake

My favorite way to save money is shopping in thrift stores and on E-Bay for non food items, for food I shop sales and use coupons.

Guest's picture
Susan Smoaks

my favorite way to save money is to use coupons and match them up with sales.

Guest's picture
Dawn G

When the opportunity arises, I like to barter. That way, I get what I need without spending any money and so does someone else.

Guest's picture
Karrie Millheim

I stalk second hand stores. You can find so many items either brand new or barely used and save hundreds of dollars. My next move is to try garage sales to see what good deals I can find there. I also coupon and price match

Guest's picture

I save money by using coupons and not impulse buying.

Guest's picture

I save money by using coupons and not impulse buying.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

I love saving money by using coupons, loyalty cards, earning perks by purchasing items I normally would anyway, shopping on days when they have massive discounts

Guest's picture
rose paden

My favorite way to save money is of course coupons! I also save money by making things for birthday party's, holiday decor ect instead of buying it! My own invites, decor, the price you pay for those types of things adds up!

Guest's picture
Jaime Cummings

My favorite way to save money is to switch off your heater, air-conditioner and lights in rooms you're not using. I use a window a/c and it saves me a ton of money.

Guest's picture

I use multiple ways to save money so that they all pile together into one big heap of money saved. Couponing, shopping the sales, stocking up on rock bottom prices, cooking at home/not eating out, walking to work, picking up returnable cans on my walk to work... Now that is double savings! Not only do I not spend gas, but I get some exercise with walking and I usually make a buck or two off of the cans. I also enter coke points/lean cuisine codes/Kellogg codes to get free Diet Coke/Lean Cuisine/Pop-tarts.

In terms of building a savings, I put aside 20% of my paycheck. I also save all my spare change in a jar and deposit that into my savings account once it is full.

Guest's picture
Amanda Sakovitz

I love to shop deals and use coupons to save money whenever possible.

Guest's picture

I do a mixture of shopping with coupons/sales and buying store brands. These days, they are just as good (and in my opinion, sometimes better than) name brands!

Guest's picture
Melissa A.

I save money by using coupons!

Guest's picture
Holly in the Northwest

My favorite way to save money is to not go into any store without a plan -- whether it's the grocery store, the home store or a boutique. For instance, I go into a dress shop only when I need a dress for a specific event and after I've exhausted all resources first (thrift stores, friends, shopping my own closet). And I set a dollar amount for what I'll be spending that day before going into any store. I found this helps to know exactly what my mission is so that I don't end up spending more than my plan.

Guest's picture

I read Wisebread to find out about the many ways that I can save money and then I actually use them in my daily life.

Guest's picture

My favorite way is to automate a bi-weekly transfer into a special account I don't touch.

Guest's picture
Angela Ash

My favorite way to save money is by using coupons. I've been doing it for years and on bad days have saved a minimum of 50%. I think what helps though is that I really like it. It doesn't feel like a chore. I get excited about it and fair very well.

Guest's picture
Cheryl Rogers

I stay home more often and that keeps me from spending anything!

Guest's picture
MARIA simon

I would have to say I do shop goodwill which I have no problem with at husband and I work over 60 hrs a week and I still shop there to save..i use coupons and I compare when shopping thanks a lot :)

Guest's picture
Thomas Murphy

I like to save money buy using coupons.

Guest's picture
Trisha McKee

My favorite way to save money is by trying new recipes for meals to freeze so i have dinners made and lunches and am not tempted to dine out.

Guest's picture
Donna K

I use coupons