Ask the Readers: Best Purchase of Your Life? (Chance to win $100)

By Linsey Knerl on 26 July 2010 65 comments
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  • Comment:katelin_cruse - Instead of the Vera Wang wedding dress, I invested in a gift for my husband: every Star Wars toy from '77-'08
  • Twitter: #ROI my gym membership - helps me get fit, destress, and bond with my bf! Via @OshKoshBGosh123
  • Facebook:  Sara W. 

What is the best purchase you ever made in your life? It could be something that changed your life, a bargain that felt like a steal, or an item that provided value beyond your wildest dreams.

For example, when Thursday Bram purchased a digital camera to snap pictures, it turned out to be a great networking tool for landing new gigs. It was one of the best business investments she ever made.

Share your "best purchase" story with us for a chance to win one of three Amazon gift cards!  ($100, $50, and $20.)

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Guest's picture

I'm a GTD junkie, so buying OmniFocus was definitely my best purchase. It revolutionized my life!

Guest's picture

My 1994 Toyota Tercel. Still driving her. Best purchase ever

Guest's picture

The best thing I ever purchased was a very large second monitor for my PC. It made it many times easier to do research and write papers. -Laura

Guest's picture

iphone.With baby #2 it tracked contractions to feedings, weight and meds. Not to mention weather, map and game apps that we use everyday. -krogers

Guest's picture

Kangaroo CoPilot seat for 14 mon old DS on DH's bike. DS loves it! DH gets a workout and I get "me-time" for the first time in 14 months.

Guest's picture

Best thing I've bought was my 1st pair of running shoes. Helped me drop 80 lbs & get in shape for good!

Guest's picture

kitchenaid mixer. if you bake, no tool is better

Guest's picture

Bought a duplex as my first home. It allowed me to be a stay at home dad and they paid 2/3 of my mortgage.

Guest's picture

My best purchase has to be my dehydrator....with it i am able to save money on healthy all natural foods because I now have the power to make it myself, fruit leathers, cookies, breads....Love it

Guest's picture

Real flip-flops - rubber and leather. I took them through Mexico; they have lasted more than 5 years. For $15 from Target!

Guest's picture

I purchased my first business suit from of all places a thrift store. I felt cheap at the time paying $15 but the suit fit incredibly well, no tailoring required. It is 20 years later and that suit has seen me through multiple graduate school interviews, dissertation and successful job interviews. And people still complement me and keep asking from where I bought it! Should I tell them the truth??

Guest's picture

Bought rollerskates & joined a rollerderby team. Now I’m strong, confident; I'm a hero to complete strangers. Completely changed my life!

Guest's picture

Laser hair removal. V. expensive, but the savings in razors, waxing sessions and especially time have been amazing.

Guest's picture

Still loving my iPhone 3G

Guest's picture

6 years of school. Pays for itself everyday.

Guest's picture

We bought a small house when we were in grad school. Sold it 7 years later for a decent profit.

Guest's picture

a $10 touch activated lamp for my nightstand. It has three levels of brightness and I never have to fumble to find the switch.

Guest's picture

95 Saturn. Drove it to Prom and still have it today..

Guest's picture

My best purchase so far has been a little Presto timer for my kitchen (for ~$7 on Amazon). Not having burned bread or cookies is a huge plus in my book!

Guest's picture

Instead of the Vera Wang wedding dress, I invested in a gift for my husband: every Star Wars toy from '77-'08

Guest's picture

My laptop (notebook) computer. I bought my first one five years ago, shortly before I had a job interview for a tech-related university teaching position. I got the job, and I've been thrilled with the ease with which I can take care of my classes from anywhere I can pick up a wi-fi signal on my computer.

Guest's picture

My glasses. Being able to see while driving = best purchase EVER.

Guest's picture

The Engangement Ring

Guest's picture

The best purchase I made was a panini maker. It's cheaper than eating out and it's fun to come up with new recipes!

Guest's picture
Robert Francis

I bought my ex-girlfriend a trip to the Cayman Islands because she was depressed about life. It took her out of the funk and back on track.

Guest's picture
Betty D.

The best thing I ever purchased was my beach cart. $50 well spent. No more lugging for me- all in the cart!

Guest's picture

My first, and only, microwave oven. A "Goldstar" brand purchased at Kmart in 1985 - still going strong!!

Guest's picture

My Cannondale bike. I ride that thing everywhere I can and take it on the bus to get where I got to go. I've stayed fit because of it.

Guest's picture

My DSLR b/c of it I was able 2do my daughters elem.yrbk&I got a glimpse inside her life I never w/have otherwise.

Guest's picture

Easy: my first mountain bike. The start of a life-long passion. Hard to place a monetary value on all the experiences I've had, and connections I've made, through cycling.

Guest's picture

I've got 2: my 1993 Acura Integra, it lasted 16 years;
my Caphalon non-stick, large sautee pan -- made many meals w/it

Guest's picture

I'm not sure if this counts as a "purchase" but it would probably be my gym membership. Helps me get fit, destress, and bond with my bf!

Guest's picture

My alarm clock has gone the distance. I bought it at a flea market in 1990 for $.25. It has gotten me out of bed faithfully for 20 years.

Guest's picture

Glow in the dark frisbee at Target. It cost 10 bucks and has brought my friends together on numerous occasions.

Guest's picture

best purchase was a carseat for my son. Protected him in an accident!

Guest's picture

My bread-maker. We use it all the time to make bread, rolls, pizza dough, etc. We use it to throw pizza parties, etc. Fun and healthy!

Guest's picture

Our new and affordable first home. It's a joint effort and responsibility that keeps me and my husband together. Perfect to raise our family

Guest's picture

My little $60 "mutt" from the Humane Society. She became one of my best friends and has brought so much joy to me the 6 years of her life!

Guest's picture

A rune set from a little store by the beach where we were vacationing. We got the idea to make our own, and started our own business!

Guest's picture

I spent $0.25 on a CRC Mathematical Handbook when I was in early high school. I used to all the time in college and still regularly at work.

Guest's picture

my iPhone 4. Acts as a laptop replacement, and with multitasking, it's even more useful. Replaced my 3G (which I sold to buy the 4).

Guest's picture

Getting my dog, Dash. His high adoption fee was worth the lifetime of love and companionhip he's given me!

Guest's picture

My computer :D

Guest's picture
Tasha Kates

By far, the best thing I have ever bought was my first computer. In order to buy it, I got my first real job at 16 at a convenience store. I saved every penny. After a summer's worth of work, I had enough to buy a Compaq Presario. While it wasn't the world's best machine, it got me connected to the Internet and a whole world of music that I hadn't previously experienced. Today, I can't imagine life without a computer.

Guest's picture

My wii! Frivolous, but it has provided endless hours of wholesome entertaintment for my family.

Guest's picture

Best purchase is my computer: Met my husband, info & resources galore, free long distance voice chats with family, ...

Guest's picture
NJ Jennings

My digital camera is the best thing I ever bought! Its the only device I've ever used that can actually make time stand still and capture all my favorite and most important memories both yesterday and today

Guest's picture

My food processor. I wasn't sure if I would use it very much, but I use it all of the time!

Guest's picture

Paying the adoption fee at the Humane Society for my wonderful dog.

Guest's picture

My laptop computer is a pretty good investment. We spent $300 for it refurbished 4 years ago. With my computer I have gotten great suggestions on how to save money from a variety of sites, gotten access to news, earned the cost of my computer annually doing programs such as Mypoints,swagbucks,etc,etc, had access to recipes, and with the help of a printer, ink and paper been able to cut my grocery costs with printable coupons. Oh and I've won a couple of online contests which also has stretched my budget and allowed me to "treat" our family. It's definitely more than paid for itself when you consider all the resources it gives me access to.


Guest's picture

Viking mixer. I use it multiple times a week.

Guest's picture

The best purchase of my life so far has been my kitchen timer. No more burned cakes or bread for me! :)

Guest's picture

I bought my dream wedding dress for only $20(new), but proved to my fiancee that love doesn't have to cost much.

Guest's picture

Best purchase of my life: white pearl earrings! goes with everything :)

Guest's picture

Kitchen composter with biodegradable bags. <3 Mother Earth

Guest's picture

A $99 Ikea crib/bed for child #2, who came 13 yrs aft #1. Crib is now being used by child #4...

Guest's picture

I bought this random stranger a drink at a restaurant for about 5 bucks. He became my husband and my best friend.

Guest's picture

Definitely the adoption fee of my sweet mixed breed dog, Dusty 11 years ago. We had just lost the other love of our life, a beautiful lab mix. He brought me out of a deep depression.

Guest's picture

my ipod--couldn't live without it

Guest's picture

My laser eye surgery (LASIK). Saving on contacts & the convenience of being able to see clearly when I wake up.

Guest's picture

worth to have a digital camera. Looking forward for more features in digital camera (wifi :) ).

Guest's picture

An introductory Spanish course. I absolutely fell in love with the language - I decided to add Spanish as my second major.

Guest's picture

Birth control pills
No explanation necessary

Guest's picture

$60 for a small ring, for a girl I that summer, with unsettled futures, now 25 years later seems such a pittance, for riches received since

Guest's picture

Lee's Lower on the Waist Stretch Jeans. They give you youth and confidence.