Ask the Readers: What Is Your Favorite App?

By Ashley Jacobs on 14 January 2014 73 comments

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If you use a smartphone, you'll know how useful/fun/addictive/frustrating apps can be. If there is something you want to do, there's probably an app for that.

What is your favorite app? Why do you like it so much — does it improve your life or finances in some way, or is it just plain fun? Is there anything you don't like about the app?

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my favorite app is Out of Milk

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Mary Happymommy

I like the retailmenot app when I'm out at a restaurant and want to find a good coupon.

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Peg Mooers

iheartradio is my fav app. I can listen to talk radio all over the country and get different perspectives on many issues.

Guest's picture

My kindle app!

Guest's picture

My Fitness Pal! It has changed my life!

Guest's picture

It used to be SBTVmobile, since I could earn Swagbucks every day, but right now it is NOT working, argh, so my favorite app is My Disney Experience! Planning our trip to Disney world with this has been great! Can't wait to get there now!!!

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Euchre (you might need to be from Michigan to know what this is)

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This app has saved me a ton of money over the years. You can search by city, state or zip code - or GasBuddy will use your phone's GPS to locate the best price near you. Gas prices are listed according to gasoline grade (regular, middle or premium). You can choose to sort according to what is closest to you or by price. Very easy to use, and very very useful.

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My favorite app which I use all the time is called Simple Grocery List by Route 1 Software. I have several different lists created for about 5 stores. I add to the list for the store from which I want to purchase an item. As I shop, I delete the items when I put them in my shopping cart.

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The Mint app is awesome! Great way to keep track of your finances.

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My daughter needs her smartphone for business, okay, but, in general, I consider smartphones--and the apps that encourage their constant use--to be a money pit. I get along fine as a freelance marketing writer with an economical voice plan with some limited texting (so I can receive and reply to my daughter's texts).

Guest's picture
Kristine R.

I love twitter because not only is it a great source of news, it's a great source of entertainment.

Guest's picture

I know that this isn't a useful or time-saving app, but I just find the Mahajong app game to be really fun haha!

Guest's picture

Definitely Evernote. It's like offloading my brain and storing everything where it won't get lost. All the cool features (OCR, geotagging, etc) only make it more effective

Guest's picture

My favorite app is Whatsapp. We live in a different country than our family, and this app lets us stay connected by text and voice notes without incurring a huge phone bill. Plus, the design is super user-friendly, which means even my grandma can use it.

Guest's picture

Routesy. It lets me know when to expect public transportation in real time and makes my life more efficient.

Guest's picture

My favorite app is Out of Milk. It's a grocery list. You can speak your items onto the list, so when I think of something I need, it is easy to add. It also lets you indicate if you have a coupon for an item. There is a feature to list your pantry items, but that sounds like way too much work for me.

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My favorite app right now is I just open it up and take a couple of minutes to de-stress whenever I'm feeling a little anxious. It makes relaxing so easy!

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My favorite app is GasBuddy. It helps me to find the cheapest gas station and save money on gas

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I like the gasbuddy app I use it the most to help find good gas prices

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I love sudoku... it helps me relax! Not really a money-saving app but it is currently my favorite!

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I love SpringPad. I use it to organize my life in journals, from meal planning to workouts to fav outfits I want to remember.

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When my son was first born I found Total Baby which lets you record when they eat, poop, go to the doctor and all sorts of other things that help new moms. I highly recommend it for any new parent.

Guest's picture

I'm currently loving the Duolingo app because it's helping me learn a language at my own pace.

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Elizabeth S.

My favorite app is my USAA app. Having banking and insurance information at my finger tips is awesome. Also, depositing checks by taking a photo of them from my phone is the best invention ever.

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Amanda H

It was Shopkick, but lately it hasn't been giving me points for Target visits. So now my kindle app so I can read free ebooks from the library! :)

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I love pocket! It enables me to save websites that I want to read and go back to them later. I use it on my phone and ipad and also on my work and home computer. Even better, it saves content as offline, so I can read those articles when I'm in the train tunnel with no network on my phone. It's a great way to stay productive but those of us "chronic clickers" who read one article after another or one link to another, and it has a tag function, so you can tag items.

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Yoga Studio!

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Michelle C

My bank's app by far. I constantly forget to transfer funds from savings to checking... not a good situation to be in when you're in a store trying to pay for something with your debit card. Thank you unnamed bank app!

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Judy S

disney app

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I love the Fitbit app! Along with my Fitbit, it tracks my steps, my mileage, my calories and water intake. I never realized how much I was walking until I got this for Christmas. Amazing!

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My favorite app is FaceBook. It keeps me connected to my friends and my life back home, even when life is too hectic to make plans or I'm on the road.

Guest's picture

I don't have a smartphone. I've been living without one for 34 years and have yet to hear a good reason to spend all the extra money to get one!

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They might not be my favorite apps, but sometimes I feel like just looking at vacations on Groupon, LivingSocial and Hotel Tonight make me feel like I went on a mental vacation for a little while. I find it strangely gratifying to plan fake vacations.

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Even though they're acting up, I'd have to say my podcast apps. I'm addicted to podcasts and love to have something to listen to on the way to and from work, while I'm in my office working on something, and on the way to school.

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Rachael G.

The USA Today Crossword Puzzle App.

It cost $5 to purchase, but has the daily USA Today crossword (which has better crosswords then most of the free apps) + you can go back and play past archived crosswords.

It's a great day to start my morning while drinking my coffee!

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prathee chandar

I use ve shopkick a lot. It's my favorite app

Guest's picture

I don't have a smartphone..... so I have no idea what I am missing!

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Jennifer Marie

I like the yahoo mail app.

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My favorite app is Wallaby. It lets me easily see which credit card I should use depending on the store to maximize my reward points.

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Rea Liz

I love the pinterest app!

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Kim D - love being able to review and categorize my finances on the go!

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I'm a big fan of the Target Cartwheel app b/c I'm in Target all the time!

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retailmenot app is a fav.

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Evernote is my favorite app, I use it for making lists, journaling, saving recipes, making meal plans, lot os different things. I have it synced on my phone, tablet, computer.

Guest's picture

My favorite is Springpad. I love that it organizes and integrates all of my tasks/links/recipes/etc. and is available on all of my electronic devices.

Guest's picture

My favorite app is the Starbucks app. I love that you can consolidate all your Starbucks gift cards to one and the app also can save you money by using a rewards program. The more you use your card, the more stars you get which earn you free drinks or food, and also a free drink on your birthday. You can also use the app to pay for your starbucks, it has a barcode that the cashier scans to deduct from your card. You can also reload your card on the app as well. There is also a starbucks store locater that uses GPS to find the nearest one to your location. For a frequent Starbucks consumer, this app is great!

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Mint -- awesome app that helps you keep track of personal finances

Guest's picture

I honestly don't use apps very much. I'm old school that way. I usually just visit websites on my smartphone.

Guest's picture

A meditation app that I have

Guest's picture

Zite - first rate news aggregator

Guest's picture

I recently downloaded LifeTopix (paid app) that follows the GTD principle. There are so many things I can do with this app that I am still learning all the ins and outs. Once I master it, I'm sure it will be a great app for keeping me organized and on top of things. The app creators offer an hour of one-on-one phone call if you need it. I'm planning on taking advantage of that feature, especially since it's the first app I've come across that offers phone assistance to their users.

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Google maps is my favorite app

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

I use YNAB ("You Need a Budget") daily. The app complements the desktop version, but it is such a useful app for tracking my daily spending and budget. I also love that it takes advantage of my phone location awareness to remember where I am spending money.

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Kianna B

I like bitstrips app the best out of all because it allows me to express what's going on in my life without having to be so literal and direct. I love the illustrations and the options to customize my avatar, even though I still don't think mine looks accurate to me. The app reminds me of my life and it's sometimes scary how accurate the bitstrips show my life in a "comic format".

I hate the fact that there aren't enough unique customizations so I am forced to make my avatar have dreadlocks even though I have twists in my hair. Depressing, I know!!

Just all around great and entertaining!

Guest's picture
Laura J

Oh my favorite app is the Target Cartwheel app and mobile coupons! These have helped save us so much each month!

Guest's picture

My favorite is Lumosity. It's the only game related app I have. It helps keep my mind exercised through short games daily. I love playing with it and have noticed it actually helps.

Guest's picture

Baby ESP makes me life so much easier. My husband and I both have it and use it to manage our daily schedule with our four month old son. Without it life would be more chaotic than it currently is.

Guest's picture

I'm not big on apps and don't use many... I do like the Groupon app I have that lets me use coupons in the restaurant without having to print them out.

Guest's picture

candy crush - free entertainment! although now i like "potluck" for quick news tidbits.

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Alissa A

I love evernote to organize life!

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My favorite app is Ibotta, I like saving a little extra on my grocery shopping!

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I actually have 2 favorite apps. One is Mint for tracking my finances. The other is Google Note for making lists and reminders for daily tasks.

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Rebecca B. A. R.

My husband just bought me a clearanced smart phone so I could us the My Fitness Pal App to lose weight. So far I've done really well with it, so I guess you could say that this is my favorite app right now.

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I don't know if it is my favorite, but the one that gets used the most is a metronome app on the windows phone!

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Amanda Sakovitz

My favorite app is yahoo.

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Happy Love

We love the Pandora app.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

My absolutely favorite are my ebook apps (some I can't list) but one is amazon kindle and wattpad

Guest's picture
Thomas Murphy

Twitter is my favorite app