Ask the Readers: When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Wallet?

By Ashley Jacobs on 18 September 2012 123 comments
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Wallets. Almost everyone has one. Most people use their wallet to carry around cash, credit or debit cards, and their drivers license. Some people will store receipts and notes in theirs. Regardless of what you keep in your wallet, chances are there are things in your wallet you can either store somewhere else or throw away.

When was the last time you cleaned out your wallet? Do you have things in your wallet right now you could get rid of? 

Tell us when you last cleaned out your wallet and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

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The last time I cleaned out my wallet was two weeks ago when I traveled back home to the Midwest for a wedding. I think receipts, coupons, and reward punch cards accumulated for about 60% of the bulk.

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I clean mine out at the same time I clean out my purse. It's a ritual I repeat every 2 weeks right before we get paid. This way I also can notice where my household budget money goes as I clean out the receipts I stash in my purse and prepare myself for shopping since I store my coupons in my purse.

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Last time I cleaned out my wallet was yesterday I usually like to keep up on that especially after grocery shopping

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Wisebread FB Fan C.j. Jennings

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I actually carry 2 wallets (one for my IDs and cards and another one for money). I do this as a precaution measure. A few years ago I was carrying only one, with everything inside it, but it was stolen on a train and I went through a lot of red tape to have all of my IDs replaced. And all for a lousy 30$ that I was carrying at the time.

The money wallet I clean every day (almost) because I like to have my notes stacked in order.

The ID wallet I clean whenever I get a new discount card or loyalty card.

Guest's picture
Kathleen C

I clean out and reorganize my wallet once a week. That way, I only have the things that I truly need in it.

Guest's picture

About a month ago... after spending about an hour and a half in my best friend's swimming pool and THEN realizing I had left my wallet in the pocket of my swim trunks.

Once it and all its contents dried out, the leather was all crunchy - I really need to condition it - but in the meantime I just took what I needed and slapped a rubber band around them, which I got courtesy a bundle of asparagus in the fridge =0)

Like I said, it's been a month. I still have the rubber band "wallet" happening because it's so much thinner! Contents right now: ID, work badge, 2 bank cards, health insurance card. Voila! And, it goes in the same front pocket as my keys, which are just my car key and house key on a small ring.

With a caseless cellphone on the opposite front, my pants pockets are probably the only thing in my whole life I've managed 'minimalism' out of. =0)

Guest's picture
Dianne N

It's probably been about a month since I cleaned out my wallet.

Guest's picture
Dianne N

I liked your FB page.

Guest's picture
Dianne N

I tweeted.

Guest's picture
Martin B

I clean my wallet about once a week, primarily to get throw out or store receipts. However, I'm sure a major cleaning is due and that I have lot of cards in there that I really don't need to carry around.

Guest's picture

Haven't in a while, and now I need to. It's full of tissues - went to a funeral today. :(

Guest's picture

Well this is sad, 4 years ago?

Guest's picture

Well, I just did this yesterday. I read the article about getting one's gift cards in a single place and I was searching for them in my wallet. LOL

Great website..I am really enjoying your articles. Oh, and I am getting great use out of your archives.


Guest's picture
Dianne N

Just realized I didn't include the link to my tweet.....

Guest's picture

Just last week.

Guest's picture

Despite my wallet being fairly clean, it is still quite large, as I'm a bit of a card hoarder. I have travel cards, frequent purchase cards, credit cards, library cards, etc. in there at a all times. Good thing there isn't a lot of money available to stuff in it because there isn't much room. I last cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago and probably do every few months.

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

I don't tend to put extra things (receipts, cards, etc.) into my wallet, but rather into my purse. I usually clean out all the extra things from my purse every night, though.

Guest's picture

I don't keep much in my wallet except for id, credit card and debit card. I try to file the business cards so they don't take up room in my wallet.

Guest's picture

I cleaned out my wallet this week. Pulled out all the receipts and papers.

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I already like your Facebook page

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Nicole G

I clean out my wallet at least once a month. Its surprising how much stuff can accumulate in such a short amount of time.

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Erin M

This seems like a brag, but it's actually a personal system. Always when we're out shopping, receipts are saved in my wallet. When we get home, I balance the checkbook and save what receipts need to be saved then throw out the others.