Barclays US Airways Premier World / World MasterCard Review

By Mark Jackson. Last updated 13 August 2014. 1 comment

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If you’re a fan of US Airways, the easiest way to get cheaper flights and upgrades for that airline is to join their Dividend Miles rewards program. Even better is signing up for one of their credit cards:

How These Cards Work

For the Premier card, you’ll earn 40,000 Dividend Miles after your first purchase.  There are no hoops to jump through regarding a certain amount of purchases over three months of account opening.  A pack of gum bought on the card will net you the points! (See also: Earn Miles Without Flying)

You’ll earn 2 miles per dollar on every US Airways purchase, with one point per dollar spent on everything else.

For the World card, you’ll see similar, but lessened, benefits.  A 15,000 bonus miles offer for your first purchase is up for grabs. You’ll earn only one mile per dollar spent on the card, regardless of what type of purchase it is, though.

Other Benefits

There are some great benefits associated with these cards.  For the Premier card, you’ll be able to book US Airways award flights for 5,000 miles cheaper (this does not count for partner redemptions, though).  Furthermore, you’ll receive first class check in, Zone 2 boarding, two annual companion tickets at $99 each, and a complimentary US Airways Club pass each year. (See also: Best Credit Card Perks Beyond Points and Miles)

For the World card, you’ll receive much of the same, including the reduced mileage awards.  However, you’ll only have access to one companion ticket a year (at a higher price of $149) and no first class or Zone 2 boarding.  You’ll also not receive a club pass.


Each card has a different fee scheme.  The Premier card offers all of its benefits for $89, with an APR of 15.99%-24.99%. 

For the World card, you’ll only have to shell out $49 a year, also with a 15.99%-24.99% APR.


These cards are great for the frequent US Airways traveler.  The quick amount of points you can earn for a first purchase is a major plus in my book.  And, furthermore, the perks of the Premier card, including Zone 2 boarding and a Club voucher each year seem great to me!


There is a 3% foreign transaction fee, so these cards may not be the best to use abroad.

Who This Card Is Best For

If you prefer US Airways over other airlines, and/or live near a hub of US Airways these cards will get your great deals on their flights and services.  With the new entry of the airline into OneWorld in March, frequent flyers of US Airways now have many different options for seeing the world.  These cards will help you rack up points balances quite nicely, and give you some great new perks in the process.

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Solid review on these 2 airline rewards cards. Thanks for listing the pros and cons for us.