Best Money Tips: Job Interview Myths

By Amy Lu on 19 November 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share 10 myths about job interviews, green ideas for a sustainable Thanksgiving, and helpful tips for smooth carpooling.

Top 5 Articles

Top 10 myths about job interviews — Most interviewers won't expect you hand over references right away. If you wait until you're specifically asked, you can spend some time choosing who to list based on how the interview went. CNN Money

10 Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving — Invest in some plastic containers, if you don't have them already. They're cheap and reusable, and they'll keep the aluminum foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap out of the landfills. TakePart

10 Tips for a Great Car Pooling Experience — Before you start carpooling with someone, make sure all the documents are in order: driver licenses, insurance papers, the works. Grad Money Matters

Meatballs 3 Ways! — The great thing about homemade meatballs? It's easy to divide the batch when you're mixing in ingredients — and get different flavors for multiple meals! Wholesome Mommy

How to Keep Your Identity – and Your Credit – Safe While Shopping — Don't leave anything with your personal information on it unattended, including in your car. Take receipts and other documents with you until you can store them somewhere less public. Saving to Invest

Other Essential Articles

What To Do If You Win The Lottery — It may be a good idea to put your ticket somewhere safe and wait a few weeks before you claim your prize. This will let the buzz die down and give you some time to plan your next steps. Ready To Be Rich

Are You Taking a Much-Needed Break – Or Just Being Lazy? — When it seems like your breaks are eating up your productivity, try setting a timer and force yourself to work for 15 minutes, no breaks or distractions allowed. Pick The Brain

7 things savvy bank customers know — The balance you see on your online account may not be accurate. Sometimes, it'll show deposits that actually aren't available yet. MSN Money

5 Tips to Win the Rebate Game — Make sure you start with the right attitude. Is a $50 rebate worth 15 minutes of jumping through hoops? Unless you make over $200 an hour, then yes, it's worth it. Money Talks News

Building Your Own Website? Avoid These Common Mistakes — Don't forget to secure key variations of your domain name and keep the registration renewal process simple.  My Life Scoop

Dangerous Dining: How to Gamble Over Dinner With Friends — Credit Card Roulette is one way to decide how to pay for dinner out with friends. Odds are in your favor, but when the bullet hits you — it'll hurt. Budgets are Sexy via Currency

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