Best Money Tips: 12 Ideas for Frugal Artwork

By Linsey Knerl on 4 August 2010 0 comments
Photo: Mo Riza

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we’re showing you how to get artsy for pennies, a cool way to organize your budget, and some tips for donating your cell phone — safely.

5 Best Articles

12 Ideas for Frugal Artwork — There isn’t a single tip on this list that anyone can’t do (even if you’re craft-deficient, like myself). Cute enough for a child’s room, but sophisticated enough for the grown-up space, these are super-affordable and design-friendly! Simple Mom

In-Plain-View Budget Bulletin Board — This is a clever way to see at a glance just how much money you have spent in any one budget category. (And even the kids can get involved.) Organizing Your Way

Are You Built to be an Entrepreneur? Some folks just aren’t cut out to be their own boss, but how will you know? These guidelines are generally true for most people. U.S. News’ My Money

How to Donate Old Cell Phones — It’s sweet that you want to dump your old model in the charity, bucket — but is it safe? Get essential tips for keeping your private data private when doing good deeds via your cell. Bargaineering

Don’t Let the Kids Starve: Food Programs to Help Families — Sadly, not all children will get three square meals a day this school year, but there are resources available to help. Find out about them, and share what you know with a friend in need. Being Frugal

Other Essential Reading

5 Places to Retire on Social Security Alone — If you’re fortunate enough to retire while there’s still money in the Social Security system AND you don’t have anything else saved up, there is a chance you could make it. (You’d have to move, though.) Yahoo! via Free Money Finance

5 of the Best Websites for Freelance Writers — All of these sites are super-popular, and I can vouch for the quality of their content. Visit daily for best results! Generation X Finance

The Best Things to Buy in August — Have you been saving some cash for camping supplies or even wine? You’re in luck! These items happen to be cheaper this month! Lifehacker

Preventing Heart Disease: Have a Cup of Cocoa — Not only is it indulgent, but it may also be good for you! Healthy Theory

Child Identity Theft and Other Scams to Watch For — Your little one most likely didn’t ring up thousands of dollars in debt over the years, but they could be held accountable for it! Get educated about the most popular scams going on today, before you fall victim! Wallet Pop

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