Best Money Tips: Avoid These Foods to Sleep Better

By Amy Lu on 12 May 2017 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on foods to avoid if you want to sleep better, ways to get free samples from Walmart, and things that first-time homebuyers need to know.

Top 5 Articles

The Enemies of Sleep – Avoid These 5 Foods to Sleep Better — Avoid eating spicy foods close to bedtime if you don't want to experience heartburn when you lie down. [Pick The Brain]

How to Get Free Samples from Walmart — Check with your local Walmart store manager about upcoming in-store events where vendors may give away free samples. [Well Kept Wallet]

4 things first-time homebuyers need to know — It may be tempting to be a fixer-upper, but know that renovations are almost always more expensive than you expect — or what you see on TV. [CNN Money]

Forgot a Mother's Day Gift? Don't Panic, Amazon Prime Can Help (For Free!) — If you live in a city that's eligible for Amazon Prime Now, you can order fresh flowers on May 13 or 14 and have it delivered in two hours. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Slash You Auto Costs — Roof racks are usually not very aerodynamic, which means you're burning extra fuel as you drive. Remove the roof rack when you aren't using it. [Stretching the One Income Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

8 Easy Ways For Freelancers To Stop Wasting Time and Money — Nicer office supplies won't make you happier and more productive. For certain work items, generic is the way to go. [Due]

How to Protect Your Online Identity — Be careful which apps you download on your smartphone. Some hackers use apps to infect your phone with malware upon downloading. [The Allstate Blog]

Money-Saving Uses for Mason jars (DIY Craft Tutorials Included) — Mason jars are great for storing flour because they're moisture-proof and insect-proof. [Don't Pay Full]

How to Trick Your Brain into Paying Yourself First — The pain/pleasure principle can help you change your attitude about saving money. [The Fortunate Investor]

5 Health Tips for the Busy Mom Trying to Stay Fit — Take advantage of your kids' naptime and bedtime to get a quick 20- or 30-minute workout. [Run The Money]

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