Best Money Tips: Be a Millionaire by 25

By Amy Lu on 27 October 2010 1 comment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we give you advice from young millionaires, Halloween apps for spooky and safe fun, an intro to the What Not To Do list, and tips to help you negotiate medical bills.

Top 5 Articles

How to Be a Millionaire by Age 25 — Click through the slide show to get advice from entrepreneurs who made their first million by the tender age of 25. Kiplinger

Top 15 Smartphone Halloween Apps for 2010 — The wide variety of this list pretty much guarantees something ghoulish or fun (or safe) for everyone. Almost Organized

Simplify Your Life: What Not To Do — I use to-do lists all the time, but a "What Not To Do" list? Now, that's something I have to try! Get Organized Wizard

How to Negotiate Medical Bills — If you only received a summary bill, make sure to ask for a detailed version so you know exactly what you're being billed for. Suburban Dollar

How to Buy a Used Car on Craigslist — Use this step-by-step guide to safely navigate the car-purchasing process on Craigslist. Hustler Money Blog

Other Essential Reading

Got a Job Offer? Don't Make These Mistakes — Don't end the job search with your first offer. The next one may turn out to be a better fit. Sweating the Big Stuff via Currency

Make Copies of Everything in Your Wallet — You know, just in case. Organize to Revitalize!

The Case for Buying a New Car — A new car probably can't beat the price of a used one, but maybe greater security can make up the difference. Money Under 30

How to Handle Debt Collectors — Protect yourself by first knowing your rights, then knowing how to deal with debt collectors. Five Cent Nickel

How to get More From Your Work in a Down Economy — If higher pay isn't possible, you can still ask if you can change your work time to avoid traffic, get more vacation days, or a telecommuting option. Rich Credit Debt Loan

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