Best Money Tips: Donate Your Used Soap to Charity

By Linsey Knerl on 28 July 2010 1 comment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we're telling you how to donate soap to charity, the best way to make quick pickles, and how to make the most of a resturant menu.

Recycle Used Soaps for the Less Fortunate — Did you know that you can find a use for your used soap (if you find that you switch brands or just don’t want it anymore)? This amazing charity sanitizes it and finds it a home! The Daily Green

Make Homemade Pickles in One Hour — No time or skills for the boiling water bath process? This simple hack gives you crunchy, dill flavor in about 60 minutes! Chicago Tribune via Life Hacker

Big Mistake: Stuff Without the Time to Enjoy It — Boats seem to fall into this category, easily. What else could you see yourself buying and then never making time to us? The Simple Dollar

Woman Shoplifts Clothes, Comes Back to Interview For Job In Shoplifted Clothes, Shoplifts Some More — We don’t think this is a “Canadian thing”, but it sure is entertaining! Consumerist

5 Tips to Reading a Restaurant Menu (and Getting the Best Deal) — Big chain restaurants know how to make you spend money. Get the scoop on how to order and pay less for that next meal! Money Ning

Other Essential Reading

Preparing for a Heat Wave — What would you do if your power went out in a heat wave? You had better read this and get prepared! Frugal Dad

Tax Deductible Moving Expenses — What qualifies? Get the full explanation here, before you file! Five Cent Nickel

21 Things You Should Never Buy New — This list is full of items that lose their value soon after purchase, or just aren’t worth the “new” price tag! U.S. News

Want to Keep More of Your Money? Here’s what NOT to Do — This roundup of lessons from around the web will get you thinking, before you blow it! TIME

One Way to Lower a Doctor’s Bill — Facing a high bill for recent medical care? You could try this tactic to get it partially taken care of. NYT Bucks Blog

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I like the pickle article but couldn't you just take the juice from the pickle jar when you've finished off your store bout pickles, boil it and pour it back into the jar with some fresh sliced up veggies? Beats dumping it down the drain I'd think.