Best Money Tips: Effective Study Habits

By Amy Lu on 12 November 2010 1 comment
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share ten effective study habits, simple ways to improve your memory, unconventional home frugality advice, and tips to save money on your eyes.

Top 5 Articles

10 Effective Study Habits for a Successful College Transition — It's OK to take a break from the books and papers from time to time. Take a walk or do some exercise when you feel discouraged or stressed out. (Staring out the window also worked for me!) Parenting Squad

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory — Long-term memory tends to be more reliable than short-term, so move information to your long-term memory bank by writing it down. The Skinny On

75 Frugal Hacks for Your Home — Here's another creative use of cooking oil: unsticking locks! You can also rub pencil lead across your key and insert it into the lock to unstick it. Being Frugal

5 Tips to Save on Eye Exams, Glasses and Contacts — Buying more glasses can actually help you save more. Your fancy frames with the anti-glare lenses will last longer when you have a no-frills pair to wear at home. Money Talks News

How to Reduce Your Cable Bill — Start by keeping track of the shows and channels you watch with a TV log. Like a budget, you need to know what your habits are before you can find where you might save. Bargaineering via Currency

Other Essential Reading

Thanksgiving Entertainment for Kids — Simply raw a face on a paper plate and let the kids glue on dry foods (noodles, beans, pretzels, etc.) to decorate. The Idea Room

Best Side-Money Making Gigs on Craigslist — The video editing and web design jobs in Craigslist's Gigs category are great work-at-home opportunities. (Just make sure you proceed with caution if a listing feels sketchy.) Dough Roller

Theme Your Christmas — Choosing a theme for Christmas gives the people in your family/work/friend circle a helpful framework for buying gifts. For example: DVDs for Movie Night, board games for Games Galore or pajamas for Bed Time! Canadian Finance Blog

How to Be Good at Being Sick — Being sick slows us down, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Use this time to really experience the things you didn't have time to enjoy when you were tackling each day at full speed. Next Small Step

Treasure Hunt for Outing Discounts — Don't forget to bring all your association or organization membership cards (and I would add student IDs). You never know which one will land you a discount! The Sun's Financial Diary

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well,good habits really do good