Best Money Tips: How to Find Cheap Flights

by Ashley Jacobs on 24 June 2013 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to find cheap flights, simple DIY frugal tips, and cheap anniversary ideas.

Top 5 Articles

How to Find Cheap Flights and Get the Best Airline Ticket Deals — To find the best airline tickets, consider all carriers and be flexible. [Money Crashers]

7 Dead Simple DIY Frugal Tips — Making your own beer and changing your own oil are just a couple DIY frugal tasks that people could do but don't normally do anymore. [Bargaineering]

10 Cheap and Memorable Anniversary Ideas — For your anniversary, save money and make it memorable by going on a picnic or taking dance lessons. [Money Talks News]

What to Sell -- and Not to Sell -- At Consigment Shops — Leather and wooden furniture tends to sell the best at consignment shops while rugs and brass items do not. [Kiplinger]

How Big Should an Emergency Fund Be? — Some people recommend enough money in your emergency fund to last you three to six months while others recommend having enough money to cover twelve months of expenses.[Moolanomy]

Other Essential Reading

Eleven Miserly Guidelines to Saving Money — Cutting back on meats and buying in bulk when possible can help you save money. [Free Money Finance]

When rent takes half your income — Sadly, demand for apartments and the price of rent will continue to climb in the coming year. [MSN Money]

In the News: Housing Market Trends for this Summer — Expect housing prices to rise this summer because people are buying. [Credit Sesame]

6 Ways to Get Along With Someone You Don't Get Along With — To get along with someone you might not really like, think proactively instead of reactively. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Tips For Choosing And Using A Babysitter — When choosing a babysitter, try to create an opportunity for your child to get to know the person who will be taking care of them. [Parenting Squad]

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