Best Money Tips: How to Order from a Taco Truck

By Linsey Knerl on 13 August 2010 1 comment
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, give you everything you need to know about ordering from a taco truck, why pumping less iron is better, and where you can find the high paying jobs!

Top 5 Articles 

How to Order from a Taco Truck – Navigating the authentic taco truck experience can be tricky. Get instructions for ordering exactly what you want in this handy guide. Jalopnick via Lifehacker 

15 Insurance Policies that You Don’t NeedYahoo suggests that these are a waste of money, but arguments could be made for nearly every one at some point.   Do you agree that flood insurance is a misuse of funds? Free Money Finance 

To Build More Muscle, Pump Lighter Iron – Skip those massive barbells and get in shape with the skinny weights. Recent studies love them, and they’re easier to take with you! Plosone via Consumerist 

Your Big Fat Expensive Wedding: Stupid Is As Stupid Does – This comparison chart between the recent Clinton wedding and the blogger’s wedding is pretty funny… and challenges everything you knew about “the big day.” Save yourself 3.2 million by this example! Len Penzo 

Where Are the High Paying Jobs? They are out there, but could you find them if you wanted to? These useful graphics and a perspective on standard of living are useful for those wanting to pump up their salaries. The Digerati Life 

Other Essential Reading 

6 Back to School Essentials – These clever and quirky items won’t be on your schools must-have list, but these essential “nonessentials” sure can make life easier for any student. My Life Scoop 

Economists Blame Me for Slow Recovery – Is it possible that being fiscally responsible is actually making our economic situation worse? You be the judge. Watson Inc.  

Quick Outdoor Activities for Little Ones – Love the idea of building tiny houses for fairies? How about learning the alphabet while you walk? Charming and simple, these tips are great for improvising fun on the run! 30-minute Martha 

Throw Away Other People’s Trash, Or, How to Boost Your Self-Esteem – This is a brilliant method of coping with guilt, shame, and general self-loathing. Get over it by “trashing” the negative! The Happiness Project 

Finding a Job – This non-traditional tale of job searching and finding is as entertaining as it is useful! 3 Drinks Deep

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This is a great roundup! Thanks for posting compelling stories. I have to check out the taco story. I grew up in Asia, where there were lots of stalls, bikes and trucks that carried food around. The food was delicious, and thankfully, I don't recall any problems encountered with it.