Best Money Tips: How to Take a Digital Break

by Amy Lu on 5 January 2011 0 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share the steps to take for a digital break, resources to help you shop at farmers markets, and tips for a healthier diet.

Top 5 Articles

Why You Should Take a Digital Break (and 6 Steps To Do So) — When you want to disconnect from the web and all its distractions, it helps to get away from your desk and change your surroundings. Dumb Little Man

How to find local farmers markets and how to know what's in season near you — For a list of farmers markets in your area, use the search function at the USDA or LocalHarvest websites. Simplifried

Eat Better, Not Less, for a Healthier Diet — Don't let your groceries go to waste! Have a few core recipes in hand that you can adapt for any combination of ingredients. Jezebel

10 Tips to Save on Makeup — Scrape the last bit of lipstick into an empty container, mix it with other shades (or Vaseline to turn it into a gloss), and apply with a lip brush. Money Talks News

3 Old-Time Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils You Should Be Using — You can use cast iron skillets for pretty much anything. And if you treat them right, they'll last forever. Money Crashers

Other Essential Reading

Create a Christmas Cheat Sheet for Next Season — Make next Christmas a breeze by taking notes on what you did, made, and paid this Christmas. Northern Cheapskate

How to Get Started in Urban Beekeeping — Urban beekeeping can seem intense, but this article breaks down — in five simple steps — what you need to do to start a hive in your backyard. The Greenest Dollar

When Talk Is Cheap: Ways to Save Money On Your Phone Bill — Consider doing all your phoning with Skype or Google Talk. If that's not possible, opt for the most basic cell phone package you can find. Generation X Finance

15 ways to never run out of money — Here's a road map for your finances, spanning a lifetime. (Use the links on the left to navigate through the article.) Consumer Reports

Simple guide to speaking foreign languages — The Internet makes it easy to find native speakers to practice with. You can use to find people in your area, or even host foreign travelers through Zen Habits

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