Best Money Tips: Profit from Product Launches and Big Sales

by Ashley Jacobs on 11 February 2011 6 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we have some great articles on how to profit from product launches and big sales, ways to save money on everyday purchases, and how to avoid student loans.

Top 5 Articles

How To Profit From Product Launches and Big Sales — Want to profit from a product launch? Give position scalping a try! [Money Crashers]

5 Ways To Save Money on Everyday Purchases — To save money on purchases, be sure to get free shipping whenever you buy something online. [DINKS Finance]

How to Avoid Student Loans — To avoid student loans, start off your college career at a community college. [Green Panda Treehouse]

Five DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for Frugal Sweethearts — This Valentine's Day instead of buying a card, take the time to make one for your sweetie. [Get Rich Slowly]

3 Income Investments for Retirement — Do you know where to invest your income for retirement? Consider looking into fixed annuities. [My Journey to Millions]

Other Essential Reading

Kids In The Store: 5 Secrets For Raising Master Shoppers — Do you want to teach your kid how to be a good shopper? Get them to help you next time you are clipping coupons or making a shopping list. [MintLife Blog]

Will Applying To Multiple Jobs At The Same Company Hurt My Chances Of Getting Hired? — If you apply for multiple jobs at the same company, chances are you will come across as desperate. Try applying for one job at a time. [TheJobBoard via Lifehacker]

Saving Money on Music — To save money on music, be practical and spend less money by going digital. [Canadian Finance Blog]

Improve Communication About Money In Your Marriage — One of the biggest hot topics for any couple is money. Improve your communication about money with your spouse by having a weekly meeting about your finances. [Bible Money Matters]

Generic vs. Brand-Name Drugs: Are They Both the Same? — The reason generic drugs are less costly than brand-name drugs is not because the drugs are completely different. It is because they spend less on marketing and advertising. [SavvySugar]


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Thank you for the mention! I am glad you liked the article.

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You are welcome Evan! It is a great article!

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Thanks for the link Ashley!

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You're welcome Tom!!!

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Pretty entertaining posts here Ashley and thanks for including us!

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You are welcome!