Best Money Tips: Quick Cheats to Save Time

by Amy Lu on 23 February 2012 0 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to save time, fix furniture, and use rubber bands.

Top 5 Articles

Quick "Cheats" that Can Buy You Time — Line casserole dishes, baking sheets, and the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil to make clean-up a breeze. [The Sun's Financial Diary]

Frugal Fixes for Furniture — Use Minwax to fill in deep scratches, nail holes, and kids' carvings in your furniture. [Being Frugal]

10 uses for a rubber band — You can use rubber bands to paint Easter eggs, break in a baseball glove, or even remove a stripped screw! [Bargain Babe]

7 Educational iPad Apps to Buy Now! — Bring the periodic table to life with "The Elements: A Visual Exploration" by TouchPress. [Parenting Squad]

Low Cost Ways To Stay Active and Fit — A kettleball is a low-cost investment that will help tone your entire body. [Debt Free Adventure]

Other Essential Reading

How to Learn Spanish for Free – 7 Easy Ways — Listen to Spanish podcasts or radio shows during your commute. [Money Crashers]

The Best Tips for Automating Your Finances — Use financial software if you need help tracking your cash. [Not Made of Money]

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood, Right Now — Have a good laugh for a quick pick-me-up. [Pick The Brain]

5 Best Ways to Invest in Yourself — Consider accepting a lower-paying job if it gives you the experience and exposure you need to advance your career. [Canadian Finance Blog]

Build Your Foundations — Start thinking differently about money by changing the three P's: your principles, priorities, and plans. [Free Money Finance]

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