Best Money Tips: Should You Discuss Money in Front of Your Kids?

by Ashley Jacobs on 22 June 2012 5 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on discussing money in front of your kids, ways to make $50 in a day, and ways to get out of debt.

Top 5 Articles

Should You Discuss Money In Front of Your Kids? — When discussing money in front of your kids, let them watch you be conservative with money and don't tell them your exact income. [Free From Broke]

7 Ways To Make $50 In A Day — To make $50 in a day, sign up to complete tasks on TaskRabbit. [SavvySugar]

51 Ways to Get Out of Debt — Get out of debt by living on a budget and canceling your cable or satellite subscription. [One Cent At A Time]

Can't Afford to Socialize? Compromise! — Have affordable, social fun by going to an open mic night or a free movie premier. [Get Rich Slowly]

I'm Not Covered? Five Ways to Trigger Nasty Insurance Surprises — If you host a party at your home, you may find out you are underinsured for liability claims. [Five Cent Nickel]

Other Essential Reading

30 Steps to Great Finances: Steps 22 to 24 — Want to have great finances? Get yourself the proper insurance. [Free Money Finance]

How to Avoid Impulse Purchases in the Internet Shopping Age — To avoid making impulse purchases online, block sites during your impulse prime time. [Lifehacker]

Automation Domination: Streamline Personal Finance — Do you have trouble saving money? Set up automatic transfers at the beginning of your budget cycle when you have more money to move around. [Deliver Away Debt]

Do You Really Need A Payday Loan? Check out 4 Alternatives — Instead of getting a payday loan, consider negotiating a payment plan. [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

ProSquad: Swimmer's Ear and Life Insurance — If you already have life insurance, consider getting disability insurance. [Parenting Squad]

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Thanks for highlighting our article on discussing money in front of kids!

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You are welcome!

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Thanks for the mention

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You're welcome!

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What a great list of articles! From a teenagers perspective I think it is potentially the best things a parent can do. While it might expose past mistakes and embarrassment, it will teach your kids more than you could imagine.