Best Money Tips: Tasks you can offload to a virtual assistant

by Amy Lu on 25 October 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant, a way to expand the variety of your cookie stash, natural methods to clean stainless steel, and more!

Top 5 Articles

7 Tasks an Online Virtual Assistant Can Handle for You — Does it seem like you never have enough time? Consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you with these daily tasks. Freelance Switch

Baking Cookies and Sharing Them In A Cookie Exchange — How do you get a wide variety of cookies with just one recipe? By swapping your goods with friends, of course! The Digerati Life

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances Naturally — Rub olive oil on the stainless steel with a soft cloth for a clean, polished, fingerprint-free surface. (Remember, work with the grain!) Ultimate Money Blog

Getting Stuff Altered — Are your clothes not fitting quite right? For the thread-and-needle-impaired, here's how you go about getting stuff altered. Jezebel

5 Unique Ways To Save On Dry Cleaning — Get to know the people who work and own your dry cleaner of choice, and watch your savings grow with loyalty discounts! Money Crashers

Other Essential Reading

What the Latest Foreclosure Scandal Means to You — If you're looking to buy a new home or to refinance, be prepared for an uphill trek as the processes become even more cumbersome than before. Darwin's Money via Currency

How to Cut Your Health-Care Costs — Some doctors and hospitals may give you a discount if you pay in cash. Yahoo! News

5 Ways To Successfully Fail At Personal Finance — Don't throw monthly parties, and tread carefully when mixing money with family! Money Hacks

Umbrella Insurance Is Always the Right Answer — Why is umbrella insurance a good idea? "This important insurance can extend your liability coverage beyond your home and auto insurance by millions of dollars." Free Money Finance

Five Ways to Make Sure You Get the Most Social Security Income at Retirement – And What You Can Do About It Now — If you get to choose between drawing your regular benefit and your spousal benefit, go for the spousal. Your Social Security benefit amount will keep growing and last longer. Saving to Invest

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