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By Andrea Karim on 9 April 2009 6 comments
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Sometimes, working your way towards frugal involves more than coupons and brown bag lunches - it involves remembering to do really basic stuff, like pay bills on time and wear pants. This week in Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup, we look at some of the personal finance blogs who offer some excellent time management/life improvement tips.

  • The Simple Dollar provides, as usual, some great productivity tips. This week, how to get in the habit of doing stuff when stuff needs doing.
  • If your problem is not motivation, but rather, memory, Dumb Little Man has some 15 productivity tools that you might find useful.
  • Are you the kind of person who shudders and weeps a little whenever you hear Larry the Cable Guy say "Git 'er done?". So am I. But I weep whenever I hear Larry say anything. Anyway, if you don't revel in the whole David Allen Getting Things Done mindset (yes, I just called you lazy), you'll love Zen Habits advice for being more productive, which totally turns the whole list-making concept on its head.
  • Frugal Dad has some life-simplification tips that will make you feel like immediately saying "no" to everyone. In a good way.
  • When expecting less from life is a good thing, from Frugal Zeitgeist (hint: the time to expect less is now, because things suck).
  • Almost Frugal has personal advice about how to control spending.
  • If you love those "what not to do" kinds of lists, you'll love this advice on how to destroy  your financial well-being from How I Save Money.
  • The smallest beginning steps are often the ones that make the biggest difference, says Saving Advice.
  • Dave Ramsey, author of 'Baby Steps' and the king of financial self-improvement, explained by Moolanomy (motto: "We read the self-help tomes so you don't have to"). While you're at it, take a gander at the new blog aggregator GreatNexus from the great minds that brought you Moolanomy.
  • Assuming you take none of the advice of the above bloggers, you can always take some hints from Consumerism Commentary when filing your taxes late, you lazy sonofagun.
  • Our Linsey, who is fast becoming rich and famous, was featured in TIME Magazine recently on an article about 'cocooners' (not as dirty as it sounds, although condoms are apparently involved). Learn more about what that means here. Go ahead and get to know her now, so you can pretend that you guys are "likethis" when you stand in line at her book signing a few years from now.

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Andrea, thank you for highlighting my Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps article and helping spread the word about Greatnexus. Much appreciated. Thank you!

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Thanks for the tips. I really need tools that help me organize things and remainders because my mind is a total mess. If someone tells me about something i have to do, if i don't list it somewhere is forgotten.

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Thanks for sharing these tips. I find that reading other people's personal experiences and advice is a lot of help, especially when you're lost and searching for answers.

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Really appreciate the link love. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for linking to me. I'm thrilled you included me in such good company!

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Thanks Andrea.

Just came across your article.

Thanks for the tips.

Will check out some of these personal finance blogs.