Best Money Tips: Hot and Humid

By Andrea Karim on 19 June 2009 3 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup!

The Simple Dollar is starting a new series called Trent's 14 Money Rules.  First up: Spend less than you earn.

Frugal Dad offers some thoughts on being truly content with life, which doesn't always mean seeing every single dream become a reality.

Get Rich Slowly has a fabulous article on people who shop garage sales to find rare items that can be sold on eBay for real, awesome money. Do not miss this read.

Lazy Man and Money has a practical post up called 20 tips for saving money on groceries

Squawkfox knows a thing or two about caring for a lawn without breaking the bank - check out 10 ways to care for your yard that are actually easier than what you are doing right now.

Traveling abroad just got more expensive, not just because of the dollar's weakness, but because banks are adding more fees to every international transaction you make with your credit or debit card. Free Money Finance lists some of the best ways to access your cash abroad, so as to save yourself some serious dough if you can afford more than a staycation.

Ah, love. Is there anything else that money is so good at ruining? Five Cent Nickel discusses the pros and cons of joint expenses.

If you can afford a ticket to anywhere, you're probably not going to be able to afford a hotel, so better learn how to be a good backpacker from 20 Something Finance.

Dumb Little Man has some seriously good advice for becoming a better all-around worker, no matter what your job or lot in life.

Punny Money puts a smile on my face by arguing for some terrible driving habits you should indulge in before gas goes about $4 a gallon again. This is an old blog post, but too funny to ignore.

The Digerati Life shares 10 attributes of millionaires.  The secret?  It's all about your attitude.

Until next week, stay cool and keep the A/C costs down with these 6 simple DIY freezer treats from Linsey.

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Linsey Knerl's picture

I used to make a good amount of spare change by finding rare junk at G-sales and selling them on Ebay.  Sadly, I just don't have time to do this... so I've given it up.  My best deal was finding a lot of Battle Beast figures from the 80's.  I go them in a shoe box full of free junk.  After figuring out that they were collectible, I dumped them for about $10 each.  Not bad.

Thanks for the link to my popsicle piece!

Linsey Knerl

Guest's picture

After reading the comments in the garage sale post about how the very aggressive, very knowledgeable resellers tend to come early (either by a couple hours or a day or so), if I had a garage sale, I would be very tempted to let the people who wanted to come early do so and pick out the stuff they want. If someone's knowledgeable and picky enough to want to have first selection, presumably the stuff they pick out is valuable and therefore the logical thing to do would be to let them pick out their items, then point out that the garage sale starts in x hours and refuse the sale. At which point you can sell it yourself on ebay for more than they would have offered.

I'm not sure on the ethics of it, though. Clearly this would be unacceptable to do to people who don't break the rules, who show up when the sale starts rather than before, and generally aren't assholes about it. I have much less of a problem screwing over people who are essentially making a secondary income by inconveniencing and pressuring people who they presume to be naive at this kind of thing at a time when they haven't yet prepared for it. But it's still pretty skeevy to knowingly mislead people to take advantage of their very real expertise.

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After reading the comments, about how the very aggressive, very knowledgeable resellers tend to come early , if I had a sale, I would be very tempted. And i found succeeded in it.