Best of Personal Finance: Solar Eclipse/Moon Landing Edition

By Andrea Karim on 24 July 2009 5 comments

The Simple Dollar explains why "free" is actually anything but (and is a great marketing tool in the meantime). 

Get Rich Slowly gives a good explanation of how those money transfer schemes from Nigeria actually work.

Saving Advice has some great tips for dealing with impatient people, like me, who get all pissy when you use coupons at the grocery store... because OMG, PEOPLE, I AM IN A HURRY AND YOU ARE ONLY SAVING, LIKE, TWO CENTS!

Squawkfox gives some great advice (with photos!) on how to start your own container garden.

Consumerism Commentary tells you how to deal with the overlfow of awesome produce that will surely come from your container gardens. Frugal Upstate has advice specific to using up green tomatoes (yum, fried!).

Have a bun in the oven? Bargaineering has a checklist of financial considerations for the before, during, and after pregnancy stages of parenthood, none of which involve selling the kid for cash. Which would be more lucrative.

Alpha Consumer discusses a new government program to help you purchase foreclosed homes

If you bought an iPhone, you will need these 26 apps to help you save money for your business. (Milk Your Money)

Your job is suppose to EARN you money, not cost you money, says Dumb Little Man.

Recession Wire shares four ways to find discount dental options.


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I had a chuckle over this statement: "Get Rich Slowly gives a good explanation of how those money transfer schemes from Nigeria actually work." Which for me is quite true, metaphorically speaking, lol! :)

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Interesting list of iPhone apps to help you save money for your business. Considering the growing amount of people buying iPhones these days, it is definitely useful for them to track their expenses on their phone through the help of various apps.

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Thanks for the blogs, I'll check some more out! I always appreciate the reccomendations.

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I enjoyed the post from Bargaineering - gave me something to think about.

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I like the link to container gardens. Really useful tips to grow your own garden for those who live in apartments and townhouses. Great photos too! Makes you want to go out there and start planting.