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By Greg Go on 11 December 2006 (Updated 10 June 2007) comments

Here are the can't miss reads from Wise Bread this week.

The Business of eBay

eBay powerseller Amy covers 7 potential pitfalls new eBay sellers should know before getting started.

The most powerful weapon against debt: Your mind

Don't underestimate the effects negative thinking has on your bank account. Will turns common negative thoughts into contructive positive thinking.

Frugal is More than a Way to Spend Money

Sarah asks the question, "Nintendo Wii or student loans?". Frugality is all about priorities.

Micro-donations for Darfur

Micro-donations as little as $1 enable the cash strapped to give to good causes.

Get Financially Organized

Want to know where all your money goes? Jonathan provides a couple of pointers for getting our financial house in order.

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