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Best Deals for Thursday 04/19/2018

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Best Kitchen Deals

Kitchen Microwave Oven Rack Shelving Unit $30

Made of Durable Carbon Steel with a gleaming chrome finish; finish on surface prevents corrosion in wet, humid environments, allow you to have this shelf in your room for years. Oven Rack Cabinet Shelf comes with 2 tier basket shaped shelves.

Dash Compact Air Fryer 1.2 L Electric Air Fryer Oven $68

Dash Compact Air Fryer uses AirCrisp technology (instead of oil) to help reduce added fat by 70-80%, without sacrificing the flavor of your fried food (No more residual smell hours after you’ve eaten).

Weston Burger Hamburger Press $15

Packing perfect, homemade burgers has never been simpler. Pressing helps ensure patties won't fall apart on the grill. Exclusive spring plunger makes patty pressing and removal effortless. Also great for making stuffed burgers, crab cakes and sausage patties.

8-Piece Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoon Set $7

Dip the cup into the container of flour, sugar, oats or grains, scoop out a heaping cupful and then sweep the top of the measure level with the back of a knife. These measuring cups are 100% food safe, made from high quality stainless steel and bear engraved measurements.

Best Home & Garden Deals

Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer $34

Maytag’s M400 Iron reaches max temperature in less than a minute, much faster than traditional irons. Plus, it only takes 3 seconds for steam to regenerate - the anti-wrinkle spray, removes wrinkles faster and the stainless steel sole plate smooths effortlessly.

Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team Canister Vacuum $299

Miele’s Compact C1 Turbo Team vacuum cleaner features a Turbo Comfort Floorhead, which is ideal for cleaning low-tomedium-pile carpeting. It also comes equipped with a Parquet Twister floorhead for the cleaning of smooth surfaces.

Large Outdoor Door Mats Rubber Shoes Scraper $18

Doormats dimensions measure 24in X 36in, 1/8 inch thick. Heavy duty large and long door mats entrance durable rug carpet widely used for all weather outdoor front door, exterior patio entry way, porch door, garage, garden, winter, commercial deal with high traffic.

Tadge Goods BBQ Grill Cover w/Handles (58” Black) $22

Your grill sits on your back patio, porch or deck almost all year round. And whether you love charcoal or propane, your metal grill will quickly rust and start failing you when it’s time to cook if it isn’t properly protected.

Best Bed & Bath Deals

Lumbar Support Lower Back Cushion Pillow $19

Providing optimal back support, this lumbar cushion helps improve posture while relieving acute/chronic back or arthritis pain; perfect for long drives or sitting at a computer for extended periods.

Best Luggage Deals

G4Free Water Repellent Gymbag Large Drawstring $7

Ideal size for carrying a variety of items such as clothing, sporting gear, daily supplies, etc., coming with a convenient Front Zipper Pounch and an Inside Pocket to store a phone, wallet, and other smaller items. Easy to be compressed into small pocket (Sandwich size).