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by Sarah Winfrey on 14 December 2006 3 comments

If you're right out of college, often the last thing you want to think about is more education. In many fields, though, continuing education is not only a good idea, but is necessary to keep up in your field. If you're not right out of college, there are probably fields you want to explore or items of knowledge you wish you had studied (or paid more attend to!) in school.

In either case, never fear, the Internet is here!

Seriously, educational opportunities abound on the Web, and not just for programmer/designer/entrepreneur types. Resources are available for everyone, and the ones I offer you here are only a smattering of what is available.

Programming/Design Links (for the mostly inexperienced)

Learn to use GIMP

Learn all about The GIMP (or GIMPshop) in all of its photo editing, graphics designing, totally free, encroaching on Photoshop glory. If you haven't discovered this little gem yet, find info and links to download it here. If you have, you know that it offers a heavy arsenal of graphics manipulation tools, not otherwise known in the world of "free stuff on the Web." This page offers you all the links you could possibly want to use it to the utmost of it's ability.

Web-Design Process

This offers an introduction to all the things you should think about when you're designing a site, whether you're on the purely creative end or the technical end or some combination of the both. Great for those designing sites for the first time, or for those who want to revamp their design process.

W3Schools Web Tutorials

If you're looking to learn the languages and processes of webdesign from the ground up, there isn't a better place to start than this. It's totally easy and totally free, which is totally awesome. Simply pick your language, and start learning.

Language-learning Links

Foreign Service Institute

If it's good enough for the foreign service, it's good enough for me! The selection isn't as broad as it is on some of the sites I'll highlight below, but the quality is high. If you want to learn from the ground up, this is the place to start.

How to Learn Any Language

This site offers advice on choosing a language and different strategies for learning different languages. It has profiles of different languages and prominent linguists, help with obscure sounds, and forums where you can interact with other people learning your language.

Languages on the iPod

Is auditory learning your thing? Then this is the place for you. If the list of podcasts that will help you learn languages offered here isn't comprehensive, it's pretty darn close. If nothing else, this is a great way to find out how those hard words are actually pronounced!


For the "immersion learners" among us. Meet up with people who speak the language you're trying to learn and chat online. Maybe you can help them learn your langague, too! So much fun, because you're talking to real people, not computer-generated robot voices.

University Courses Online


Carnegie Mellon


University of Washington

Pick a link, pick your class, and follow the site's instructions.

Recommended Reading Lists (and More!)

The Personal MBA

The Well-Read Economist

Read the list. Find a good bookstore (or a library!), and learn at your own pace.


Enjoy! May you find all the tidbits of knowledge you've been looking for!

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i loved the oculture website....i am going to sign up for the univeristy of chicago lectures. jennifer

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Great List & Great Website! I found your blog from the Carnival of the Students.

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This summer I have been learning php at php tutorial. The fact is that it is easy enugh to learn smth. if you have an aspiration