Customer Service Nightmares - What's a Good Consumerist to Do?

By Andrea Karim on 5 January 2007 2 comments

I love the web site Consumerist (motto: Shoppers Bite Back). They provide some great money-saving ideas, funny advice on how to get away with things that you didn't even know you could, and good commentary on consumerist culture.

In addition, Consumerist offers some great customer-provided stories about companies jilting customers, and they offer the customer the best revenge — public venting of their experience. Better than a rant/rave on Craigslist, the stories at Consumerist are mind-boggling. The kind of bullying that goes down at retailers both big and small, online and brick-and-mortar, are often laugh-out-loud funny.

I've had some fantastically bad customer service exchanges during my lifetime, but I really enjoyed reading about this one. I can't imagine how this "customer service" rep (actually the sole owner, president, and resident jerk of has been able to hold onto a job for more than a day, seeing as how he is functionally insane. He's also telling Consumerist to take down the original posting.

Hilarious. Dumb, but hilarious.

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Will Chen's picture

That picture is the greatest photo-editorial comeback of the year.

Andrea Karim's picture

Can we say "Cafe Press"?