Deal: Four Museum or Movie Tickets from American Express for $3 to $8

By Xin Lu on 20 April 2008 (Updated 18 August 2011) 4 comments
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If you are an American Express member, a promotion is currently going on called Museum or Movie. The deal is that if you make a certain number of purchases at participating merchants during 4/1/2008 and 5/31/2008 you can redeem the receipts for four complimentary movie tickets or museum tickets. If there is no movie theatre or museum location near you, they will send you a $40 Amex gift card.

It is possible to take advantage of this deal for under $8. Here are some examples:

Del Taco - Three purchases are required. You can buy three tacos or drinks between 4/2/2008 and 5/20/2008 for under $3.

Carlito's Pizzeria - I'm not sure where this is, but only two purchases are required between 4/1/2008 and 5/31/2008 and I'm sure two sodas would probably cost less than $5.

Harley Davidson - Once again, only two purchases are required, but their decal stickers are $3.95 each so you can go to a dealership and buy 2 stickers for under $8 and take advantage of the deal.

The full list of participating merchants is listed in the dropdown box on this page. You have to postmark your receipts by 6/30/2008 but the rules regarding number of purchases and dates vary by merchant. You have to click through to the redemption form to see each merchant's requirements. It seems that you cannot mix and match the merchants and each cardmember can only take advantage of the deal once. I am probably going to do the Del Taco option because my husband likes their tacos. Have fun finding your best deal!






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I just posted about gifts to get for people that are downshifting, and number 4 on the list is event passes ( ) - I used movie passes as my example. Now here's a great deal on them :) Gonna have to post an update!

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I tried to buy lunch at Del Taco today with my Amex card and was not able to use it for the purchase. They were aware of the Movies and Museum promo, but aren't part of it. Bummer. Was looking forward to a trip to the Phoenix Art Museum.

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Xin Lu

I think some Del Tacos don't accept credit cards, but the ones that do should be able to give you receipts you can send in. 

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called number listed at promotion site.

As I'm in Florida didn't recognize many of the businesses/restaurants, etc., listed as participating in promotion.

Promised a call back listing those in my area - no call as of yet (24+ hours)