February Roundup

By Lynn Truong on 1 March 2008 2 comments
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February was a short but sweet month. Here are the articles that topped the charts!

Six Horrible Financial Products You Should Avoid Xin lists 6 things you should absolutely stay away from for the sake of your financial health.

Feeling Stuck? 100 Ways to Change your Life Nora gives a 20-minute exercise to find inspiration in 100 different ways.

9 ways Star Wars can inspire you to save money Paul shows how the rebels the Jedi were model citizens when it comes to frugality.

Tips for Perimeter Perusing at Target Linsey shares some insider tips to shopping at Target.

How Haggling Taught Me About Life David explains the joys of haggling.

Is Six Figures Really That Much? Join the lively debate Catherine started over how much a six-figure salary provides.

The Key To Making Money Online? Diversification, Baby! Kate suggests many different ways to make money online

Download A Yale Lecture Did you know you can sit in on university lectures for free?!

You can be as happy as a Dane Studies regularly find that Danish people are the happiest in the world. Philip breaks down how we can follow their lead.




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I have to argue with this--February lasted FOREVER. I'm so happy it's March!

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Cheers for the best month for Wise Bread! Lets try to get a million pageviews in March!