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By Sarah Winfrey on 24 January 2007 11 comments

I have a confession to make...I'm a Reader. With a capital "R." And I always have been. For as long as I can remember, I'm the one who picks up that magazine on the back of the toilet, no matter what it is, to browse, even if I only have to pee. If I can't find a magazine, I've been known to read the backs of shampoo bottles to pass the time. As a child, I would read the labels of groceries when I went shopping with my mom, because at least it was something. I am seriously addicted to the written word. I can't help it.

That said, I've discovered a new service and I just have to share. It's at DailyLit , and is for any other Readers out there. Basically, it allows you to read a book in installments via e-mail. It works like this:

1. Choose a title. Since they don't want to violate copywrite, DailyLit largely (if not exclusively) deals in classic works, which is actually perfect for what they do. While I may actually want to read Barchester Towers, Trollope is just not an author who holds my interest for...well...much longer than three or four pages. Since their installments are shorter than that, I will be able to read it in sections I can handle.

2. Tell DailyLit when you want to receive installments. Everyday? Weekends? Three times a week? And at what time?

3. Give them your eimail address.

Really, it's as simple as all that. They will begin to send you your book, and you can read a novel in e-mail-sized chunks without purchasing it, or running to the library, or waiting until you get in touch with the friend who can lend it to you. As an added bonus, it's highly compatible with work because it looks like any other e-mail, and takes about as long to read!

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Will Chen's picture

Now I can finally look productive at work while doing something I really enjoy. Thanks Sarah. I browsed through the site and it looks like it has a great selection.

Angela Kriger's picture

That's the coolest thing!  I'm also a Reader, and I can see myself saving a lot of money with that service.  Like you said, sometimes the classics just don't hold my interest for that long, so I have piles of books around the house that are half read or barely touched.  But I can handle a couple pages at a time in email!

Tannaz Sassooni's picture

i was writing a post about dailyLit last night, but didn't finish it because of a splitting headache! it's funny how some things just need to get out there sometimes.. regardless of who spreads the word.

anyway, yes i agree. very cool service!

Lynn Truong's picture

i subscribed to moby dick and will only take me 252 days to read it.  sweeeet.  =)

Sarah Winfrey's picture

I'm currently reading Austen's Persuasion.  It's in 95 installments, which seemed like a lot to me when I started it, but I'm almost done now.  I wondered if I'd have trouble because of having to remember the plot from day to day, but it really hasn't been a problem.  And it's great to know that I'll have at least one non-stressful email in my box every day.

Will Chen's picture

I'm going to subscribe to Dickens.  His stories were first published as serial installments so this will be a truly authentic Dickens experience!

Guest's picture

Thank you so much for the link!  I am also a Reader who always has to be reading something even if its the list of ingredients on a package!  But this site should help- and help beef up my knowledge of the classics.  I signed up for Zola's Short Stories (favorite author).

Jonathan Lambert's picture

I'll be reading "The Art of War".

Guest's picture

this is awesome! i get so bored at my job (so bored, in fact, that i have about 35 blogs i read multiple times a shift, always hoping for more updates) and i too am a Reader with a capital R. I just bought french women don't get fat because of the post about vegetable soup a few days ago too...

Sarah Winfrey's picture

After I wrote my post, I sent DailyLit an email with a link, and thanked them for their service.  They let me know that they'll be expanding the site soon, with forms for book discussion, etc.  Sounds like they'll be trying to build a little Reading community over there.  Very cool!

Will Chen's picture
Will Chen

I hope we send them some quality readers to help with their launch.