Free 12-month supply of contact lens cases & coupons

By Paul Michael on 30 March 2007 6 comments

free cases

Nice quick bargain for you all. A 12-month free supply kit containing contact lens cases, coupons, information and more. It was an offer emailed to me by Bausch & Lomb, which just goes to show that getting "spam" sometimes isn't so bad after all.

Now, I don't wear contact lenses but my wife does. We buy a new case every other month, they're around $3-$4 each. Multiply that by 12 and it seems like a nice sweet freebie to me. No shipping. You don't even have to give your email address.

Just click this link and sign up for your free package. It'll take about 4-6 weeks to arive. You'll also get some nice info on keeping your lenses clean and hygenic. Free offers that arereally free...seeing is believing.

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...I curse my citizenship!

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This is a great freebie. I'll be sure to pass it on to everyone I know who wear contact lenses. Thanks again for the link.


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• Eye-lens compatibility: which type of lenses suits your eye type best or whether your eyes are suitable for lenses at all.
• Correct way to insert and remove the lenses.
• Features and types of contact lenses: soft, hard, disposable, extended wear, bifocal or therapeutic.
• How to take care of your lenses: correct way of cleaning, disinfecting, storing and using.
• Why, how and ways to avoid and treat contact lens problems such as: dry eyes, corneal complications, eyelid inflammation, contact lens conjunctivitis, giant papillary conjunctivitis etc.

Click on

Make an Informed Choice!

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Link doesn't seem to work anymore. That's too bad. I was really hooping to get some free cases.

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I checked the website and it says they have been depleted of this freebie

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Hey i use Baush and Lomb contact lens and i would like to go for this offer.Can we go online for booking this offer online??Till when is it vallidated??